How far along? 24 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? LONG! I feel limbs everywhere all at once sometimes. I don’t even know how it is possible to poke my cervix, sides and almost as high as my ribs all at once. I have this huge blind area in the front of my belly though. I’m still missing feeling movement there. But it’s ok. As long as he lets me know he’s ok by kicking where I can feel him, I’m happy.

Total weight gain/loss? I weighed myself earlier in the week. I think I am about 145 now so I’ve gained 15 pounds or so. I have no clue how much I had gained by now with Tru because I didn’t keep track very well. I regret that now. It would have been fun to compare.

Maternity clothes? I am in dire need of maternity jeans. I have still been making do with the hair tie/belly band trick with my one pair of jeans. I have outgrown ALL 3 pairs of my maternity jeans that I never got to wear this pregnancy. I get a severe case of the thighs while pregnant but I think it’s water retention because they go away quickly. I can also no longer keep my leggings up. They keep sagging below my belly. BUT, my SIL who is also pregnant 2 weeks behind me found out that Walmart of all places sells maternity leggings. 🙂

Sleep? Mostly good.

Best moment this week? I know I’ve said this a lot the last few weeks but, feeling baby kick is pretty hard to beat. I did enjoy a trip to the Chiropractor.

Symptoms? I’ve cramped a TON this week. I have been watching out for too many contractions as well since I do have a lot and they can be uncomfortable. Pressure at times in the pelvis. I remember this with Tru too and it was quite concerning to me then and now. Pinching in the cervix area. I also have tail bone pain that is pretty bad at times but the chiropractor is working on that. I had a lot of weird abdominal and pelvic discomfort yesterday which I think might have been from having the Webster technique done the day before as well as a pelvic adjustment. My pelvis is definitely out on the left side just as I suspected. Every thing is pretty much out just like it was with Tru. The chiropractor suggested working on it a few times a week once we get to February.

Food cravings? Green peppers keep popping up in our meals. I finally realized that I may be having a little extra love for them right now. Tonight’s menu – Stuffed green peppers.

Food aversions? Yeah…. Nothing comes to mind.

Gender?  Boy. 🙂 Levi Shay

Belly button in or out?  It is still out obviously and so shiny!! It’s so thin and gross and I just don’t understand how belly buttons can stretch so much. It’s insane!

Milestones? Viability!!

Bump? I never did take a picture last week and forgot to get one this week also. My sister is supposed to come over tonight to take a family picture for our Christmas card and I’m planning to have her take my weekly belly picture while I am all dressed up. 🙂 I can definitely see that it looks a lot bigger than it did at 22 weeks when I took my last picture.


Dear God, thank You for all of Your blessings on our lives. Thank You for all of the things that You do for us. I ask that You will continue to watch over and protect little Levi inside me. I pray that he will stay safe and healthy and happy in there throughout the rest of this pregnancy. In Jesus’ name, amen.