… on Thanksgiving 2012, I had my first embryo transfer. It was the 22nd of the month though, not the 27th so it’s actually been just over 2 years now. We woke up early and went to the clinic. I had a 3 day transfer of my 4 beautiful embabies. Afterwards, I laid on the backseat of the car and DH drove us home for my day of bed rest. Later on his sister brought us some leftover Thanksgiving food.

I reminisce about this because this was the first time that I knew for sure that I had life inside me that was alive and growing. I still think of those babies and even though it was so devastating to have that cycle fail, I see the bigger picture now even though the sadness was all I could see at the time. I loved those babies. I talked to them and prayed for them and read my bible out loud to them. I cried for days when I found out the cycle had failed and I wasn’t pregnant. But it happened that way for a reason that I still don’t fully understand. I do believe that life starts at conception though and it gives me great comfort and joy to know that one day, I will see my babies and get to hold them in my arms. Until then…

One 8 cell grade 1 Two 8 cell grade 2 One 10 cell grade 3

One 8 cell grade 1
Two 8 cell grade 2
One 10 cell grade 3