I love this so much. It’s a beautiful thing when children can grow up knowing their parents love each other. I hope that my children will see this in me and their daddy and also feel secure.

our invincible summers

My mom really loves my dad.

I know this because when it was dad’s turn to make the bed in the morning, he would awkwardly place the pillows–like one on top of the headboard and one upside down, etc. Mom didn’t care. I got my love for the outdoors from him. He collects pieces of driftwood that look like animals, fills his pockets with quartz rocks and took us arrowhead hunting when we were kids. My mom would let him display these treasures all over the house. She loves him.

Pastor Craig Groeschel’s message this morning was the last of his Love Song series. Joey and I listened attentively, holding hands. His sermons are all pretty fantastic, but one profound thought stuck out to me this morning. He said something like this:

We will value things we don’t naturally value because we value the person who values them.

My mom…

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