I was nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award by Mindyminix. You should go check her blog out!! Thank you so much Mindy. 🙂


I am supposed to tell you 7 random things about myself and nominate 7 more lovely bloggers to do the same. So here goes…

  1. I am the most shy social person ever. I have a hard time starting up a conversation or keeping one going but I HATE to be alone. Even if I’m not conversing with people, I would just way rather be around people than sitting at home alone. Ironically, my weekends are like groundhog day and I end up at home alone practically every weekend. Just like every other day of the week. It is so great for my mood, let me tell ya. But having Tru with me is still sweet.
  2. I think I love basically every baby critter aside from insects. I hate bugs passionately!!! But baby animals are adorable and I just want to snuggle them all. Have you ever seen how cute a newly hatched sea turtle is? Awwww!
  3. I met my husband at Subway (the sandwich shop) while we were both working there. We started dating 4 months later and got married 7 months after that. We eloped. I think a lot of people thought I was pregnant since we got married so fast. (And young – 18 and 19.) Oh, the irony!
  4. I love to eat. I really do. I have the biggest appetite of any woman I know and I am always really embarrassed by how much food it takes just to fill me up. There have been comments….Seriously though, I see people post pictures of their supper on FB etc and I’m thinking there is no way they can possible eat that little tiny dollop of this and that and get full. That’s like my appetizer!
  5. I love to stay the night at a hotel while on vacation. I know some people don’t like hotels but I love it as long as there is a microwave, fridge, and please oh please… A Jacuzzi in the room! Once though I stayed at a very VERY subpar hotel and had a bedbug crawl across the sheets. Needless to say, I left immediately.
  6. I got saved when I was 16 and it was the best choice I ever made/ever will make. God is the only way I have made it through any of the challenges in my life. I talk to God all the time. He is always there. I can always talk to Him. I praise Him and I love Him!!
  7. Nothing makes me feel more loved by DH than when he: gives me a back rub without me having to ask, remembers anything (nice!) that I tell him (seems like people can always remember the negative things), says something nice about my cooking (and no, “It’s almost as good as when Mom makes it!” doesn’t count ;), or when he takes care of me when I’m sick.


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