How far along? 21 weeks 4 days 

How big is the baby? I have seen sites online saying 10.5 inches and around 3/4 pound. It feels to me like he’s longer because I feel him all over at once. And ping ponging around from side to side. I still don’t feel a lot directly in the front but my bladder notices. 😉 

Total weight gain/loss?  Gulp. Almost 10 pounds now. I know that’s not bad. It’s actually really good. I have to gain weight for baby to grow, I know that. And 10 pounds is good at this point. However, I did gain almost 2 whole pounds this week so maybe I need to watch my food choices a little better. 

Sleep? I’ve started having insomnia again. We went to bed before 10:30 last night and I was still wide awake at 1am. I need to get more Unisom for those nights!! 

Best moment this week? Every time I feel this little guy move it just makes my day. 🙂 

Symptoms? I keep forgetting to mention that my PIO injection sites are still very itchy and flaky. I haven’t taken PIO since 15 weeks so I don’t know why these spots aren’t healing. I never had this before from PIO… I have had the worst ever gas this pregnancy! I’m telling you what, I can’t hold it back and have farted in front of people countless times now. It’s embarrassing and hilarious. I just blame it on the baby. “I’m carrying a boy. You know how they love to fart. No?” … Braxton hicks and cramps are doing me a number for sure. If I don’t pee at the slightest urge, I will have a contraction and waddling to the bathroom mid contraction is not easy. Then when I pee, I get the worst round ligament pain. It cracks me up. There’s other little symptoms here and there but really, can’t complain. 

Oh, I do want to ask my dr though, my hair is falling out again. Like more than normal. And my skin is super dry. Total opposite of the beginning of my pregnancy.

Food cravings? I keep wanting sweet stuff but I’m trying to avoid very much sugar because I have a tendency to get yeast infections and I really am trying to avoid those. But the sugar is calling. 

Food aversions? Not a thing. I love being pregnant because I get the best appetite and everything sounds good. I’ve noticed that I can’t taste as much lately probably because I have pregnancy stuffy nose but food is still so good. And because it’s good, I have an inclination to cook! Which is something DH loves. 

Gender?  I’m keeping this question even though everyone knows it’s a boy! Still without an official name. I call him Bruce though. 

Belly button in or out? My dears, this belly button is HUGE! It’s out and stretched and crazy! 

What I’m looking forward to? Not that I’ve been counting the days or anything, but my next ultrasound appointment is in 6 days. This ultrasound should determine whether I am allowed off of pelvic rest if the placenta has moved up more. Not that anyone is missing anyone around here after over 4 months of living together as just friends. Not at all! 

Milestones? I feel like every day is a milestone. I don’t take one day for granted. I am just so happy and thankful to be right here, right now. I don’t want to rush this pregnancy because I love being pregnant (aside from all the things that really really freak me out) and I love feeling baby kicks. I love my belly, I love my maternity clothes. I love wondering about what Tru must think about mommy getting fat. 😉 I love knowing there’s another boy in there. But on the other hand, I do look forward to being full term and meeting this guy. I’m hoping for a good birth experience! Going forward with what I know now, tweaking my meds if I have a c section to avoid having the side affects I had last time, or trying to do this thing naturally if all is in order by that time.  

Bump? I didn’t take a picture this week. I’m sorry. Just imagine last weeks picture with 2 more pounds in my butt. 😉 


Dear God, I am so thankful for this time in my life. To be carrying another precious little boy. Thank You so much for this opportunity. Please continue to watch over us and protect us according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Link to Truett’s 21 weeks update.