I thought it might be fun to try a few old wives tales to determine the baby’s gender so in the last few weeks I tried a few and these are the results.


  • Baking Soda Test – I tried this test 3 times. All you do is pour a little baking soda in a (disposable) cup and pour some pee on it. If it fizzes, it’s a boy. Stays flat, it’s a girl. Twice it did absolutely NOTHING. Once, there was the tiniest hint of a fizz but not really enough to count. I read that it was 75% accurate. Where I read that, I don’t remember. I’m sure it’s not true though. I mean seriously? So – Girl.
  • Bleach Test – NOT TO BE DONE INDOORS.  I cannot emphasize enough how much you should not do this inside. First of all, bleach and pee = unhealthy fumes. Gross. And second, if you get a boy result, it will be a foaming volcano of bleach pee and that is disgusting. DH talked me into trying this one day and I warily carried a cup of pee across the carpet and outside. THANKFULLY I did not spill it. I could just see that happening to me! The pee hit the bleach and fizzed a little bit like pop (girl result). I turned to DH and said “Well, it looks like a gir….” when DH said “WHOA!!!!!” and I turned back to see the bleach/pee erupt like a foaming volcano all over the ground. It was crazy!! I have no idea what the “accuracy” of that test is (my guess is 50/50). Definitely a boy result.
  • Carrying low = boy, high = girl. I’m carrying low I think. So, right.
  • Expanding out the sides = girl, out the front = boy. Definitely going both ways and way out the sides. Inconclusive.
  • Girls steal your beauty so acne and other unsightly blemishes = girl. I haven’t had this many pimples in forever. This one is wrong for me.
  • Worse morning sickness is girl. I had hardly any morning sickness with Truett so that time was right. Sick as a dog this time. Every pregnancy is different! This was right once and wrong once.
  • I’m not doing the needle, key and ring tests because they freak me out.
  • I don’t have any Drano.
  •  The heartbeat theory is supposedly true in the third trimester only. I personally think it is probably just a silly theory but it was true for my mom I think 9 out of 10 times. (I think.) It says that under 140bpm is a boy and over 140bpm is a girl. This was right with Truett and I think this baby hangs out right around the 130-150ish range although I haven’t actually counted it out in awhile. It was 144 today so technically, that would be a girl. But I’m not third trimester yet so…. ?
  • Craving sweet = girl. Salty and sour = boy. I’m craving all of it. Inconclusive.
  • DH gains weight, it’s a girl. DH has never been so trim in all his life lol. I would say this one was right even if it is ridiculous.
  • According to this quiz, I’m having a girl.
  • Way TMI  – According to the ovulation theory (Shettles Method) that is somewhat scientific, if you do the deed the day or two before you ovulate, you may have a girl. This is because girl sperm are bigger and swim slower. They also live longer in a fertile environment so they are more likely to still be around when the egg pops out of the follicle. However, if you get jiggy during or a few hours after ovulation you are more likely to have a boy. The male sperm will swim faster and get there before the female sperm. I am pretty sure (looking back) that I ovulated during the day when this little guy was conceived. So yeah, this was true for me. However, there is a bunch of other stuff that you are supposed to do and I am not sure about that stuff. I mean, my memory isn’t that great! 😉 Or….


That’s pretty much all I can think of right now. 4 of these old wives tales were right. That’s not saying a lot for the accuracy of old wives tales! 🙂 BUT, an elderly lady came up to me in the store a few weeks ago and started talking to Tru. She asked if he was my only child and I told her I was expecting. She felt my belly and said “I think it’s another boy.” And I said that I thought so too. (Because I was leaning in the boy direction at that particular moment.) So the “real” old wife was right. 🙂 Plus she was super sweet. She kissed Tru on the head and thanked him for letting her talk to her and walked away.