We had an appointment today and our anatomy scan. Everything looks great with the baby. They couldn’t get the best picture of it’s heart so they said we should check again in 4 weeks. No concerns they just like to have a good view of it. They also want to get another look at my placenta which has MOVED UP, praise God!! It is now just over a centimeter from my cervix! It needs to move up a few more centimeters before I am allowed off of couch rest and pelvic rest and I’m still not allowed to lift but the Dr is pretty confident that it will move. I saw the same Dr today who did my c section and who I saw in triage a few weeks ago and it was so refreshing not having to go over every.little.thing with her. She was well aware of everything that was going on so that was great. She also actually remembers doing my c section which surprised me. It was nice to catch up with her. My cervix measured 3.4cm so that is great. I think the amniotic fluid was 4 which was a single pocket measurement so I am not allowing myself to freak out at this moment. For all I know, that is fine for a single pocket. Ultrasound in 4 weeks Lord willing. No googling.


Blah, blah, blah… I know you all want me to shut up already and get to the good news. So I guess I will although it is a lot more fun making you suffer like this. 🙂


Picture that you could care less about seeing right now.

Picture that you couldn’t care less about seeing right now.


Another picture that you couldn’t care less about. It’s really hard for me to make that heart shape with my hands. Like seriously, I can just barely do it.


The picture you have all been waiting for!!!


Yes! That’s right! Baby number 2 is a BOY! Tru has a baby brother.*

The tech started looking to see if we could tell the gender and I IMMEDIATELY saw that the baby was a boy. She didn’t say anything though except that she wanted the baby to spread it’s legs. So I said “I feel like I’m seeing a boy…” and she said “I am too. I was just trying to get a better angle for the shot.” lol. And she proceeded to get me a VERY nice blaring picture. 😉 Just like with Tru. My boys aren’t shy.


How far along? 18 weeks 5 days

How big is the baby? Measuring exactly on time according to me. 2 days behind according to the drs estimate. He is 11oz. That is bigger than I expected. All the pregnancy websites are saying about 6.7oz so 11 sounds so much bigger than I was expecting but that is great!

Total weight gain/loss? I’m pretty sure I have gained at least another pound or 2 but I haven’t gotten to weigh on my usual scale for a few days. I think I’m probably +5 for the pregnancy so far. 

Maternity clothes? I got 3 more shirts at the thrift store today. I’m really happy about that because I have only a few that fit me right now. Almost all my regular shirts are way too short now. I’m really needing to get new regular clothes that fit too after this baby is born. My pre pre-pregnancy clothes are just way too small now that I have expanded outwards kind of permanently. 

Sleep? I’ve been having a lot of nightmares and very vivid dreams that I have a hard time figuring out if I dreamt it or if it really happened. All those nice hormones. 

Best moment this week? The ultrasound and getting to feel baby move a few more times. I have felt him kicking around almost every day but nothing too noticeable. I usually don’t feel him unless I am laying still and paying attention. I have seen my belly move but the movements feel really muted to me. 

Symptoms? I started taking magnesium and the restless legs went away! But I dare not miss a day of taking it. It is great! I feel heavy in my abdomen the last few days. I started sleeping with a pillow under my hips and it relieved all my low back pain. I always thought that sounded terribly uncomfortable when I read that women would sleep on their side with a pillow under their hips, but I got desperate enough to give it a try and what a surprise! I felt great! I’ve been taking some store brand Gas-X because boy have I been bloated!! I don’t think it’s helping much so far…. *Pttttttt. Excuse me. 

Food cravings? Everything sounds good this week. I finally satisfied my venison pot roast craving and it was GOOD! 

Food aversions? Nope. 

Gender?  Boy!!! 🙂 

Belly button in or out? I think we have discussed this enough. 

What I’m looking forward to? More movement! 

Milestones? Anatomy scan. 🙂 

Bump? Some days it looks bigger than others. Some days it’s so stretched it feels itchy and then others I feel pretty small. 


Dear God, thank You so much for the good appointment and ultrasound we had today. And thank You for this son You have given us to love. I pray that You will help us to raise him according to Your will to love and serve You. Please continue to bless and protect this sweet little baby in Jesus’ name, amen.

Optional Rant *What is wrong with all the people who think that having a boy is disappointing to me??? YO, people. I wasn’t trying for a girl. I wasn’t even trying for a baby and this baby is a miracle!! A little present. A gift from God. My precious baby son! There is no way he could disappoint me by having a ding dong. I love him. He couldn’t choose what his gender would be and neither would I wish that he could have been anything other than what he is. End of story.*


Link to 18 weeks pregnancy post with Truett.