This couch rest thing has been a bit hard to pull off even with my sisters coming by to help with Tru. I am trying to be good but sometimes I have to do more than I should. Yesterday I accidently overdid it even though I was trying really hard to take it easy. I paid for it with cramps all day and all night. Whether it was actually because I pushed myself too much or not, I don’t know but I do know that I don’t want to do that again just in case. I am trying to limit myself to picking Tru up 5-6 times a day and not carrying him. I help him walk everywhere but I still have to lift him to get him in and out of his bed in the morning and at naps. He’s so good about walking while I hold his hands or crawling to me so I can feed him etc and I get on the floor to play with him usually so I’m not lifting him onto the couch alot.

I still only feel the baby move every once in awhile. I might go days in between feeling it. It’s so weird because with Tru, you could easily see and feel movement on the outside by now. I always wondered how in the world it could take women until the 20th+ week to feel movement when my belly was dancing around. I get it now. Good ol’ anterior placenta. Which in my case means that the placenta grew along the bottom front of my uterus and is cushioning the baby’s movements. When I do feel it, it is usually on the sides. I hear it moving on the doppler though so I do know that it’s not just a super lazy baby. 😉

I scheduled my anatomy ultrasound for 18+5 which the Drs consider to be 19 weeks even though, I am sure that the baby can be no older than 18+5. I’m SURE. *wink, wink* But I am bummed because DH doesn’t think he can get the time off work to come to it. I don’t think they would let me make it any earlier in the month because they like to have a pretty solid 4 weeks between appointments and there is no way I want to make it any later!! I made my appointment with the Dr that I saw in triage who diagnosed the previa and I am really trying to get in to see her after the ultrasound since she already knows what’s going on and I don’t have to explain it again to another Dr who might look up my “notes” and be all stupid. Of course, since I’m supposed to have the ultrasound that day, it should be a non-issue. But just to be safe… I would be so sad if DH can’t come though since that’s the appointment where we might get to see if baby is a boy or girl and other reasons that I don’t want to mention.

We are still planning to have Truett’s birthday party this weekend Lord willing but I am doing the absolute bare minimum prep since I’m supposed to be “planted to the couch”. He’s 1 after all. I think his favorite part will be the CAKE! 🙂 Not the Pintrest worthy decor. Not that I have anything against that. I’m not a creative person though so my decor would look like poop anyways. 😉 But my pumkinesque cupcakes had better turn out!

How far along? 16 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? 4.5 inches crown to rump. For some reason, I keep feeling like Tru was so much bigger at this stage. I think because I could feel him maybe?

Total weight gain/loss? I was up about 1.5 the other day. I am really surprised that my boobies have went up 2 sizes and my legs look more filled out and of course my belly has grown. How is that possible with a 1+ pound weight gain? I guess because I lost weight in the beginning it must have redistributed when I gained it back? I’ll go ahead and keep the filled out boobies and legs this time, thank you. 🙂 

Maternity clothes? I got 3 new shirts and a new pair of maternity jeans (the jeans will probably only fit me non pregnant but they were nice and I liked them) for about $4 each at Goodwill. I love shopping thrift store for maternity. They don’t always have a great variety but $4 for clothes that look new and have probably barely been worn before is really nice. 🙂 

Sleep? The dreams are getting crazy! So vivid. Some nights I sleep really well and deep. 

Best moment this week? This week? Hmmm… my mom came over and brought lunch then went on to make us supper. I wasn’t expecting that and it was great! We cook all our suppers at home except for the very occasional dinner out. VERY OCCASIONAL! So getting out of cooking and getting yummy food to boot was a real treat. 


LOTS of cramping. So much cramping it’s getting ridiculous. I hope it’s just my uterus stretching but it feels like a period.

Braxton Hicks. They still are feeling a lot more uncomfortable this time around. I hope that’s ok too.

Restless legs. If you see a set of legs walking around by themselves, call me. They’re mine.

Food cravings? Fried mushrooms would go down just lovely right now. So would a steak and a blooming onion. It’s supper time!! Sweets a little too which is weird for me because I am not a sweet person. Errr, not a person who likes sweets much. We almost never ever ever eat dessert. We don’t buy pop or juice. I don’t care for fruit much. We never have candy sitting around. But suddenly, I could really go for a nice yeast donut and a pepsi with ice. I’m hungry! 

Food aversions? Nothing. Having a hard time with chicken off and on but not as bad as it was.

Gender? It’s either a boy or a girl. I am 100% sure. The baking soda test says girl. I need to try the bleach test but I will only do it outside (fumes) and I’m not crazy about the idea of carrying a cup of pee over my carpet…. definitely not peeing outside. 

Belly button in or out? Basically out. Some parts more than others.

Looking forward to? Venison roast, potatoes, onion, carrots…. DH shot a deer and we are waiting to get it back from the processors. I am really ready for a deer roast because it’s been 3 years since the last time DH shot a deer!

Milestones? 4 months! That sounds so much farther than 16 weeks 4 days or 116 days along!


16 weeks current pregnancy. I think I look a little bigger this time.

16 weeks current pregnancy. I think I look a little bigger this time.

16 weeks with Tru - I had gained 5 pounds.

16 weeks with Tru – I had gained 5 pounds.

Dear God, I ask that You will please keep Your hand of protection over this sweet little baby inside me. Please help it to continue growing strong and healthy according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.