Know-it-all doctors (and people in general) who don’t give a crap about what anyone has to say. You can’t tell them anything because they!

I had the stupidest doctor visit of possibly my entire life today. As loyal readers may remember, 2 days ago I visited triage and was diagnosed with placenta previa. A quick recap…The resident Dr didn’t know if it was complete or not. It looked complete. The MFM who delivered Tru came in and checked the placenta and my cervix and said that she thought the placenta looked like it might be marginal because she thought she saw the edge of the cervix without placenta on it. She said there was a chance it might move up before full term, but no promises. She also said that the ultrasound machine was a dinosaur and seemed to be missing pixels. Bad image. The resident thought I should be rescanned on Mon. The MFM said to definitely come in Mon for a check up as I already had an appointment and they could check things over better then. Why the heck would she tell me to come back if all I was going to do today is pee dip, blood pressure and doppler?

Here’s what REALLY makes me mad. Like very very mad. The dr I saw today asked why I went to triage and I told her about the discharge/mucus/blood stuff and that the resident and MFM said I had previa. She looked at her “notes” which were in my opinion either from my first ultrasound 4 weeks ago, or maybe she just pulled them out of her butt, and said that no, the placenta is low lying which means that it is at least 2cm away from the cervical os.

Ok then, I guess the MFM and resident are idiots then and have no idea what cervixes or placentas look like because they must be pretty stupid to think that the placenta is entirely or almost entirely covering the os. I saw the ultrasound too. I saw the cervix with a big fluffy pillow laying on top of it. The resident and MFM are not stupid. I’m no dr but I will vouch for that.

She wouldn’t check the ultrasound pictures or order a new ultrasound. (Because know-it-alls can’t because they might be proven wrong. Gasp!) She pretty much just insinuated that I had made up a diagnosis and was fishing for an ultrasound. Bahahahahaha lady!! 30+ ultrasounds in my life, I’m totally over them. Not that I don’t love seeing my little baby on the ultrasound but it’s not the breathtaking experience that it was the first 10 times. I had so many ultrasounds with Truett. I had 3 in a week at one point. I lost count after 15 and that was ages before I delivered. I’m over it. Turn the screen if you are that worried about it. Heck, don’t even look at the baby, just check my dang placenta!!

Now, realistically I understand that nothing can be done for previa as the placenta either migrates up with the growing uterus or it doesn’t. But since the drs on Sat made it sound like it should be and would be checked again on Mon, I felt like the dr today was being very lax. I already had my pee dipped, BP taken and baby dopplered Sat. So thanks for a pointless waste of my time and gas and thanks so very much for trying to make me feel stupid. I don’t feel stupid. We had been hoping for a little clarification and reassurance today so we would know what to be prepared for before finding out the hard way.

I asked her what to do if I have serious bleeding. I am 30 minutes from the nearest hospital with a maternity unit and if hemorrhaging is a risk for someone not on blood thinners, it is more so for me. She said “call us and we can talk about it and tell you what to do if you need to come in.” So, call you, leave message, wait 30 minutes for a call back, and die waiting? HMMMMM, no I think not.

I asked about the painful contractions and cramps that I have been having for the last few days. They wrap around my sides and I feel pressure in my butt and they are quite uncomfortable. That’s not normal in my previous experience. She said that maybe it’s normal for this pregnancy. Yeah, and MAYBE it’s not lady! Check it out why don’t you or tell me what to do if it gets worse or how to stop it. She said to try sitting down… IT’S WHEN I’M SITTING DOWN!! sigh.

And one last thing…. I am sick to space and back with all the drs telling me that I shouldn’t have sex whenever I have a concern. I say I’m cramping. Dr:”Sex can be very irritating to the cervix.” Me:I HAVEN’T HAD SEX IN ALMOST 3 MONTHS! Dr:”Oh, ok. (unbelieving look) Well don’t.” Me:Believe me, I won’t. I’m in pain plus I’m scared. I’m having spotting. Dr:”Did you have sex? Sex can be very irritating to the cervix.” Me:I know. This ain’t my first rodeo. I know!

I don’t know if I should call the nurse tomorrow and tell her that absolutely nothing was addressed that the drs Sat had talked about or if I should just let it go. I already know what they told me to do. Couch rest. No lifting. Pelvic rest. Expect bleeding and call immediately. I should probably just go with that. Like I said, they can’t fix previa. It fixes itself or it doesn’t. I’m just finding it very scary.