The placenta is either partially or completely covering the cervix. The ultrasound machine is a dinosaur so it was hard to tell. There is a chance that the placenta could move up with the uterus as it grows (the placenta doesn’t really move but the uterus takes it up with it while it expands) but it’s not promising. If it stays covering the cervix until full term, it’s automatic c section which we already half way expected anyway.

The Resident did an abdominal ultrasound and then trans vaginal and couldn’t get a good view of the cervix, so the MFM came in and tried her hand at it and wasn’t able to get a much better view. But she thinks my cervix is measuring about 3.1cm. Hopefully I won’t have any more spotting/bleeding/mucus stuff but it’s likely that I will. I’m supposed to go back in 2 days for my regular check up and I’m not sure if they are going to check everything again on a better machine or what. I also got to get a straight catheter. Fun times people. But it didn’t make my bladder spasm so, I’m happy. 🙂

The baby looked cute, albeit pretty hard to see on that old fuzzy machine. The MFM said it looked like some pixels were missing from the machine so the image is pretty bad. But it was squirming around going from breach to kind of sideways. It still looks so tiny! The fluid was 3. Anything over 2 is ok at this point according to them, but at 16 weeks with Tru it was 4 and we see how that turned out… so it worried me a little. But the immediate concern is hoping this previa doesn’t cause problems.

They sent me home on couch rest. No lifting. That could get interesting with a one year old… Pelvic rest, cause you know, we haven’t had sex in 11 weeks anyways!

That’s about it. Please pray for this baby to stay in there and for us not to have any problems. Previa or otherwise.