I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how different our financial situation is from so many other of our friends and family. We certainly aren’t living high on the hog right now but we are still so very blessed.

Sometimes I look at friends and family around me and I feel bad that we can’t afford so many of the things they have, of course many of them are older than we are so it makes sense that they have had more time to build up their assets. It dawned on me the other day though that I really shouldn’t feel bad at all!! How many of my friends and family members by the age of 24 (DH) and 25 (Me) had paid for 2 out of pocket surgeries, 2 out of pocket IUIs, 1 surgery partially covered by insurance but still with a hefty co pay, and 2 IVFs with insurance yes, but still quite pricey, etc? I can tell you how many. ZERO!!  Not to mention that during that time period we also bought a house, a (used) truck and a (used) car. And all that on basically one income. I made money for awhile cleaning houses but it can’t really be counted towards much seeing as I had to buy new carpet when we bought our house and saved some money for IVF so my earnings weren’t going toward our regular expenses. Right now, I care for an elderly lady one day a week if I’m lucky and that probably won’t last much longer as I foresee her needing more around the clock care soon.

Maybe instead of being down on us for not being able to afford to go the places our friends go, or keep up with the latest fashions, or buy Tru all the coolest baby gear; I should be thankful for all that God has allowed us to accomplish in these 6 years of marriage we have had. I should be thankful for the man I married who is willing to make so many sacrifices so that we could afford to do all we have done. Let’s face it, without sacrifice and God’s grace we would have not been able to go through the fertility treatments that we went through. I am thankful for a sweet and loving husband who works so hard for us every day, working overtime lots of the time so that I can be a stay at home mommy because that is what is important to us while Tru is little. I am thankful for my parents who raised me to be wise with our money and even though that is often looked on as being cheap, tight, stingy by those around us, it helps us to get by. I am so thankful and so utterly blessed. Our sacrifices have been rewarded in the little boy currently snuggled up safe and warm in his bed. We may still be paying off our IVF bill for our first IVF, but that doesn’t matter. I have my sweet little baby that we waited so long for and worked so hard for, turning ONE tomorrow! I have our little conception miracle baby snuggled up in my belly, growing. I have my faith in God and my promise of riches untold in heaven.

Yes, we may be “low income”, “middle class”, “paycheck to paycheck”… but we are so very rich.