Link to pregnancy post with Truett. 

I forgot to take a picture for week 14 yet but I think it is safe to say that if my belly wasn’t huge before, it is now! I can’t believe how much faster it pops out the second time around.

Braxton Hicks contractions started at the end of week 13. Yes, I start them nice and early. I had an “irritable” uterus last time and it seems we may be headed that way this time as well. Things that caused contractions last time: having to pee, being thirsty, pressure on my belly such as my hand or my waist band or having NSTs done (non stress tests), sitting in one position too long (like 1.5 seconds), laying on my back, nothing at all…. So yes, but on the bright side, I should have a SUPER toned uterus. If only I could teach my butt cheeks to work out voluntarily!

Another good thing about BH is that I can feel exactly where my uterus is. I had no idea that it was all the way up to an inch below my belly button! I forgot how high it was at this stage. Pretty cool. 🙂

How far along? 14 weeks 4 days 

How big is the baby? 3.5 inches plus legs. I looked at a measuring tape and held it up to my belly. That is so much bigger than I thought! 

Total weight gain/loss? I think I am at +/- 0 although I may be up a pound or 2 by now because it has been a few days since I weighed myself. 

Maternity clothes? I have almost no cold weather maternity clothes! I wore capris and dresses with Tru because my fattest part of pregnancy was summer! I am hoping to go shopping soon. 

Sleep? It’s iffy but mostly because I’m hot, no I’m cold, I have to pee, no I don’t, DH is tossing and turning, Tru’s up! 

Best moment this week? Feeling more flutters and a couple little pushes on my belly. very tiny pushes. 

Symptoms? Cramping, round ligament pain, extremely restless legs!! Like my legs are about to walk off on their own. I am not able to keep them still for anything. I have restless legs during my cycles too… Sore boobies! They were 0% sore during the first Tri but I hit the second and WOW! Plus they grew from A’s to C’s overnight. Seriously. I woke up and they were sore and felt engorged.

Food cravings? Nothing specific but I want to eat! A lot!

Food aversions? Nothing!! Isn’t that crazy?!

Gender? DH is 100% sure it’s a girl. Just like he was with Truett. 😉 We have a girl name all picked out and ready to go for ummm, let’s see, over 6 years now (???). Journey Faith. As far as boy names go we have been stumped. Bruce has been a possibility. At first I just couldn’t see naming a newborn, Bruce. But it has grown on me and I think it’s kind of cute. What kind of middle name do you put with Bruce though? Lee is out (ya know, Bruce Lee) even though it would honor my FIL as well as me since it is part of my name (my favorite part of my name). Also, Bruce Wayne. Really, my only problem with the name Bruce is that even though it’s not a common name, it isn’t a rare name like Truett. How many Truett’s do you suppose we will meet in our lifetime? Not many. And I don’t favor weird names but rather rare first names. SO, I stumbled upon the name Shay and I LOVE IT!!! When I say the name Shay, I get the same sweet feeling I get when I say the name Truett. I know, that probably makes no sense. But I find it adorable and the meaning is perfect! Gift, God’s grace. Best of all, it’s pretty rare. Still stumped on a middle name though and Bruce Shay has now become an option but we shall see. I may be looking in vain anyways. There is a 50% chance this baby is a GIRL after all. 🙂

Belly button in or out? The belly button is weird ok! The top is out and overall it’s just getting kind of flat. It’s certainly not in but it’s also not making my shirts poke out yet.

What I’m looking forward to? Kicks getting stronger. They have been very faint and mostly just a flutter here and there. Very sporadic. I may not really feel anything all day. It’s weird because I know I’m still early for movement anyways but I was definitely feeling Tru by now and I always read that you feel your second baby sooner. Of course I could have an anterior placenta this time.

Bump? Sorry, no pic.

Dear God, I am so thankful for the little baby flutters I have been feeling and so happy that I am feeling better now from the morning sickness. I pray that my appointment will go well and that all will be well with the baby. In Jesus’ name, amen.