This post is so beautifully written, I just had to share.


Ever have one of those days or nights where you wonder, even wish, that the Lord would return? Do you ever feel a longing as if your soul is wanting to settle into the Home to which it belongs?

I’ve been feeling that longing lately. I’ve been doing my duties on Earth, but with thoughts of a life Eternal with my Savior. There have been times during the days when I know I’m not ready for His return, and yet, there are moments when I’m practically begging for His return.

I recently went to a Hillsong Worship service.  Normally, maybe I would call it a concert, but it was far from one.  Yes, the band was welcomed by admiring fans, but the shouts of joy, clapping, and praise were all for Jesus.  It was not a concert. It was a worship service.  A multitude of fellow believers were packed into…

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