Bad picture taking week again. Sorry!


The highlights this week are that:

  • Tru has discovered the wonders that are Cheez Its and he is hopelessly addicted. I’ve been there before. I feel for him, I really do. But he cried for at least 10 minutes straight today because I was making him eat some “real” food before letting him have Cheez Its. I almost caved and just let him eat what he wanted but he has suddenly hit an extremely weird phase of not wanting to eat much for the first time in his entire young life so I really wanted him to get some food in before he snacked on cheese flavored cardboard.
  • This kid is becoming so slim! As I said above, he isn’t wanting to eat as much which is ok I suppose but I feel like he is losing a little weight maybe and that bothers me. He is definitely not interested in purees at all so I think we are making the transition to full time big people food. The challenge for me is figuring out what to feed him that he is able to chew with only 3 teeth. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS!!!! 
  • I am in a constant state of alertness over the things Tru puts in his mouth. He will eat any piece of fuzz, dead or dying fly in the window sill, tissue, random sticker off the bottom of the recliner… he has also taken to eating his books. Ya know, the little chunky board books? We have several of those and Tru loves to flip the pages and “read” them out loud. That’s fine and dandy but today he paused in his reading to chew a corner off the book and cried when I got it out of his mouth. I can’t decide if this is a teething thing or if the books just remind him of Cheez Its.
  • He is fascinated with anything that is not his toys. Especially cell phones and remotes. We gave him an old cell phone we had (battery removed) and he was so enthralled by it… until he realized that he was allowed to have it. After that, it wasn’t as exciting any more.
  • He still won’t hold his bottle to feed himself but to be honest, this makes mommy happy. I love the cuddle time because it is often the only cuddles I get all day. Tru is NOT a cuddler.
  • We are still running on frozen breast milk! I’m so thrilled that we have had enough to get this far. Tru seems to have a minor allergy to things with milk so I think we will need to use a soy based formula.
  • Daddy is still his favorite person and he cries every time Daddy leaves the room. Obviously this makes DH feel mighty special. 😉
  • I need to start planning a first birthday party! I have procrastinated too much!
A calculator we were trying to pass off as a cell phone.

A calculator we were trying to pass off as a cell phone.

It kept his attention for a few minutes but then he realized it didn't light up.

It kept his attention for a few minutes but then he realized it didn’t light up.


Dear God, please continue to protect Truett as he explores the world around him. I pray that he will continue to be healthy and happy. In Jesus’ name, amen.