By ovulation date, I am 7 weeks 4 days but since the ultrasound said the baby is measuring a day behind, I should probably go with that. I don’t know. 


Anyways, all of last week I was hit by very strong morning sickness and it was wonderful. I had so many strong symptoms. I couldn’t eat a thing really. I ended up having to take Zofran a few times just to get through the day and taking care of Tru was almost impossible. I was barely able to drink any water except with lemon. Lemon water was working pretty well. Of course all my beautiful morning sickness had to let up again and leave me feeling really unassured but whatever.


7 days until my next ultrasound I think. I don’t know when I should be able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. I heard Tru easily at 8 weeks 5 days. A lot of girls online say they heard their babies at 7+ weeks but I watched a few of the videos and yes a few really did faintly hear their babies but quite a few of them were just hearing their own arteries and thinking it was the baby. So…. I doubt the average Jane hears anything until at least 8+ weeks.


Funny story. At my ultrasound last week, the RE came in and thought he had seen me 2 weeks earlier and that I was around 10 weeks and that I had 3 sacs and 1 baby with a heartbeat. I finally interrupted him and said “Yeah, but that was my last pregnancy.” He looked at the date on my file and realized he was reading from last year. So, he had no clue what was going on at that point. I think that he thought I had done another IVF, maybe with someone else in the clinic or something. I didn’t get to explain everything to him because he was in a rush having to go to surgery in a bit. But he kept looking around for more sacs and saying “Looks like it’s just the one!” DH and I were about to crack up right then and there! 


I keep thinking I should get one of those pregnancy blogging templates to make this easy for me to stay focused. So….. Some of the questions, I am going to take out because they just aren’t relevant at this point.


How far along? 7 weeks 3 or 4 days. What do you think? 

How big is the baby? I think something like a half inch or a raspberry.

Total weight gain/loss? I had been trying to lose weight prior to getting pregnant and I couldn’t lose a bit! Within the first week of finding out I was pregnant I lost 4 pounds. I think I lost a total of about 6-7 pounds over the last couple weeks but when I weighed myself today I was only down by 5 so I think I’m starting to gain it back maybe.

Sleep? Tossing and turning a lot but I think it’s because our bed is super uncomfortable. 

Best moment this week? Any times that I feel sick. 😉

What I’m looking forward to? Hearing the heartbeat soon I hope. 

Bump? I can feel my uterus popping up above my pelvic bone. I could feel it this early with Tru too but I think I felt it even earlier this time. I was wearing my yoga pants the other night and DH commented that he could see my bump way down low just like it was with Tru. I get the oddest pooch right above my pelvic bone. So while it’s not noticeable to the uninformed, I can see it.


Dear God, You know how nervous and afraid I am. I know that this baby and it’s life are in Your hands and I just ask that You will continue to sustain it’s life according to Your will. Please help it to live and grow and be well and strong and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.