I feel so bad because I haven’t really taken any pictures of Tru this week. He’s a hard kid to photograph most of the time. Lately he has been a little blur flying around. I mean this kid can CRAWL! FAST! Whenever I need to go into a room without him following me, I hurry to shut the door as fast as I can but he’s already there, pushing his way into the room. He follows me everywhere which is adorable even if I do have to try really hard not to trip over him all day. Today I went into the laundry room but he thought I had went into my bedroom and I found him crying outside of the bedroom door. It was so cute! Seriously. I love this little guy. 🙂 


He is totally weaned now for the last 5 days. I am still giving him bottles of my frozen milk. I’m not sure how much farther it will get us but I am SO thankful that I pumped all that milk because I really don’t know if I will be able to get him to drink formula or if I will just have to start cow’s milk a little early…. He is drinking about 4 – 4 ounce bottles a day and sometimes it is a struggle to get him to drink even that much. He is usually taking 3 during the day and 1 in the night. He doesn’t get it that he can hold the bottle. He has tried a few times but he just gets air. I actually love that he doesn’t hold it yet because that means I still get that bonding time of getting to hold him while he eats. It’s really the only snuggle time I get… unless you count that very uncomfortable, human swaddle “snuggling” that we do while he “sleeps” in our bed.


The last 2 early mornings I have had to let him cry it out because he is getting to the point where he is waking up mad that he isn’t in our bed and wanting to sleep with us almost all night. Of course sleep is a lose term here because he just thrashes around and is clearly uncomfortable in our bed. I think he just wants the closeness. So it seems like sleep issues just ebb and tide. Of course, I think he is having a hard time this week because he just cut his 3rd tooth! It’s on the top. He was running a fever around 101.4 and had a runny nose. I thought that he had a cold which he very well may have had one. But when I felt his mouth his top front gums were HUGE and red and very puffy. It seemed to hurt a lot for me to touch it. Some Tylenol and teething tabs finally calmed him down but he woke up in pain in the night and it took some time for another dose to kick in and calm him back down so he could sleep. Poor baby. It makes me so sad for him to be in pain. I thought I had read somewhere that babies aren’t supposed to have a fever while teething but I can’t say for sure the 2 events were related. All I know is that when the tooth finished cutting, the fever, runny nose and pain all subsided too. 


Tru does so many cute things that it simply isn’t possible for me to write them all down or even remember them. Some highlights this week are that he is loving music more than ever and actually made it clear that he wanted music on so he could dance. He loves dancing and will “sing” along with his toys that play music. I was singing while driving the other day and I heard him “singing” along with me and it melted my heart!! 🙂 His favorite genre is Christian hip hop of course. Namely TobyMac. Just like his mom. 😉 He is also practicing talking a lot making all kinds of sounds. He loves talking on the phone especially to Dada and when I took the phone away today he was very sad. He was standing at the couch while I held the phone to his ear, breathing heavy like he does when he’s excited, saying “Dadadadadada!” over and over. 🙂


We can add toilet paper (clean! thankfully. he found a roll while he was strolling around the bathroom in his walker while I was in the shower. I thought he was safe!), potting soil (“they” say babies have to be exposed to dirt but I think Tru went a little over board. I hope he didn’t swallow much before I could fish it out of his mouth.), a moth, and paper to the list of things that Tru has tasted recently and probably swallowed a little of too. If it is in his reach, he is eating it. End of story. 


Dear God, thank You for this week and for all of Your many blessings on us. Please continue to watch over Tru and keep him safe while he grows and plays. In Jesus’ name, amen.