I believe today makes me 5 weeks pregnant. I think I ovulated on CD 18 which was July 5th. So going by LMP I would be farther along but there’s just no way. 😉 So if today is 21 DPO then I must be 5 weeks. Right? 


The list of symptoms I have had so far. Off and on. PLEASE JUST STAY!

  • Metallic taste in mouth – I also get this as a pre period symptom but not to this degree
  • Extra saliva
  • Peeing every few minutes
  • Cotton mouth
  • Hungry but nothing sounds good
  • Queasiness now and then
  • Cramps
  • Stuffy nose but to be honest, it never really unstuffed after my pregnancy with Tru
  • Despite the stuffy nose, I think it is starting to sniff better
  • Total loss of breast milk. Tru has only nursed once in the last 24 hours because nobody wants a dry booby

I think that’s it. I wish that all the symptoms would stay and be strong because when they fade away I get worried. You know how it goes…. bring on the morning sickness!!! 😉 


I booked a first ultrasound for August 6th. (6 weeks 4 days) The RE wanted to see me August 8th but his receptionist asked me if I would be able to do August 6th. Ummm, YES PLEASE! 


Dear God, You put this little life inside me and I pray that You will continue to bless it according to Your will and that You will continue to help it live and grow and be strong and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.