… and trying not to poop my pants. Why does stress do this to me? URGGG! I woke up early this morning and couldn’t fall asleep again so I headed off for my beta which is good because they should have it back before noon which means that by the time they notice it on the fax machine, the Dr signs off on it, the nurse calls me and I get up the guts to answer the phone, it should be about closing time. 


My nausea keeps going bye bye. I hate that! I know morning sickness is not necessary but it makes me feel better. Who doesn’t feel better when they are barfing? I mean, come on. 


I did great yesterday at controlling my nervousness. I didn’t freak out a single time. I have made up for it in the 3 hours I have been awake today though. 


Also, I’m thinking my progesterone must have actually been low because they ordered another progesterone test and this Dr is usually not big on checking progesterone in my experience. I hope the 1ml shot of PIO I am on is enough at the moment. I would be more than happy to bump it up though. 


Ok, enough jabbering. Dear God, please let me get good beta results according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.