Ok, just realized that WordPress changed the set-up for posting. Looks like I might end up doing better with this. We shall see! I will apologize right now for not posting any pictures this time. I can’t right now because of our stupid internet that is so stupid and I wish it wasn’t stupid but whatcanyoudo. 

Tru has been out longer than in now as I posted about earlier this week. That is just crazy to me. Crazy!

It seemed like posting bullets made it easier for me to keep focus last time so I’ll try that again. 

  • Tru has been clapping his hands so much. We were at a Francesca Battistelli concert tonight (Don’t worry. It was outside and we stayed far back so it wasn’t too loud. DH is really particular about volume around Tru.) and I was holding his hands to help him clap and when I would stop, he would keep clapping. Out of rhythm of course. 😉 I have noticed him clapping for a long time now but I keep forgetting to mention it in a post.
  • He has decided that he is no longer a fan of green beans or pureed meat and probably a few other things. If he doesn’t like something, he grunts until he turns purple and sometimes he refuses to swallow. I have to get out the tub of applesauce and once he sees that, he will swallow so he can get some applesauce. He rarely ever spits anything out that he doesn’t like. It’s weird though because sometimes he still eats the stuff he doesn’t like with no complaints. 
  • He has fallen in love with teething wafers. His favorite are the Plum Organics Yums pumpkin/banana flavor. I found them when we were in NY and bought him a box for the trip home. They lasted him about a week and when I tried to buy him more around here nobody sells them!! So I guess we will be ordering off Amazon.
  • He loves to dance. Especially to Tobymac. As soon as I turn on the cd, he gets the biggest smile and starts shaking his head and sometimes his butt. It is the cutest thing!! 
  • He shakes his head no all the time. Today he crawled up to the register vent and shook his head no. I think because he knows he’s not supposed to touch it. But he does a lot of head shaking throughout the day. He also tries to do something like the worm but laying on his back. He’s crazy! 
  • I’ve started letting him try finger foods like puffs to start getting him used to picking stuff up.  I’m not really a fan of feeding him puffs just because they are pretty much air and expensive for the little bit that come in the container but he does really well getting them into his mouth so they are good practice. We tried little pieces of banana but that was a little too slippery. He still managed to eat some. I am actually kind of at a loss as to what finger foods to try right now. Any suggestions? 
  • His favorite bad things to do right now are: dump out the dog’s food and water, throw dirt out of my potted plants, get into lower kitchen cabinets and drawers and chew on any charger cords that we forget to put up (YIKES!). Obviously we need a baby gate for the kitchen. I found one that looks good online that I plan to order in the next week. 
  • His favorite good things to do are: pinch and slap me lovingly rub my face and soothingly squeeze my arm jiggle, EAT, take baths, play peek-a-boo, see other kids, chase the dog and lovingly pull it’s ears off until it cries, dance, climb all over dad and mom on the floor because parents make the best jungle gyms. 🙂
  • Tru has also started saying “ba” when I am getting ready to nurse him. He started this maybe as long as a month ago and it took me awhile to catch on that he was consistently saying it and that it was usually in relation to booby time. So I think he is trying to say “booby”. He still says dada and mum or ma mum. 

That’s about all I can think of right now. I sure do love my little guy. 🙂

Dear God, thank You for this week and for all the fun we’ve had and all the places we’ve gone. I am so thankful for all the time I spend with Tru and for the wonderful pleasure of getting to be his mommy. I pray that you will protect him as he grows and learns new things. In Jesus’ name, amen.