Sorry for the picture of a drawing. I was going to scan it but I can’t figure out that junk.

Just to be clear here, Not complaining. Tru is worth weird boobs. Definitely.

So, My boobs have changed a lot over the last year. I have never been a very buxom lass in my lifetime save for the few weeks immediately following giving birth. At which time my boobs grew from a humble C to a mighty bigger than DD but I couldn’t find a bigger than DD bra. Which didn’t matter because I didn’t wear a bra. Or a shirt for that matter. And my boobs are usually just barely Bs so the massive stretching that they underwent in what seemed to be a matter of hours left then with some hefty stretch marks. The left one more so. My right boob defies the law of being identical when one is situated within mere inches of your twin. I now have one very droopy C lefty and a less stretch marked and more alert B righty. It’s comical. I have to wear a pushup on just the right side to even them out. It looks extremely awkward otherwise. As in, it has been pointed out. So these are the changes my boobs have made. Pre-pregnancy: “My boobs are so small. I wish I had bigger boobs!” Pregnancy: “Finally! But I had hoped for a bit more than this. I just hope it lasts.” Post partum: “I take it all back! Big boobs are not for me. These things are lumpy and they HURT!!!” Now: “No Mom, I’m not trying to draw a picture of a man part! That’s my deflated boob!”

When I lay down on my back, they just kind of roll off to the sides and snuggle with my armpits. When I run, they don’t bounce up and down, they flap back and forth. They are fluid and remind me of jello that is just starting to set up. They will fall out of an unsupportive bra. Read: sports bra. Which I never liked before. The song, Do your boobs hang low? Do they jiggle to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow? Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier? Do your boobs hang low? fits. All that and more!