I try not to get behind and do these double week updates but it happens. Whatever. Actually don’t have a ton to update. The last 2 weeks have been much the same as the weeks before. The only real changes are that we have

  • Taken eating to a whole new level. Now up to 3 to 4 jars per meal plus bedtime food.
  • Started teething biscuits which is seriously the cutest thing ever to watch Tru feeding himself.
  • Definitely had a growth spurt. I feel like I woke up one morning and Tru was suddenly taller and most of his clothes are too short. Out of 9 month clothes for sure now. 12 month are ok but some brands are already getting snug on him.
  • Found out that Tru can sport a mohawk hairstyle which is really saying something considering he doesn’t have much hair! It’s too cute though.
  • Seen pretty remarkable growth in the tooth department. Those boogers grow fast!
  • Found out it’s fun to use our new teeth to bite mommy on the boob. Mommy is not impressed.
  • Drove over 1,200 miles round trip in the car to visit family in New York (post on that coming soon hopefully) and cried a grand total of 1/2 hour altogether. Tru is a genius baby!
  • Saw Niagara Falls. Tru is a well traveled baby too!!
  • Went to a Reds game and didn’t like it. -Too far away, too hot, too loud, too tired, too hungry – and that’s just how I felt. Can’t imagine how Tru felt. 😉

I’m going to save all the pictures for the post about our trip since they are mostly all trip pictures anyways.

Dear God, Thank You for the health and happiness that Truett has experienced for these 8 wonderful months. Thank You for his growth and for all the things he is learning and doing. I ask that You will continue to bless him on this journey through life that he will continue to thrive and do well. In Jesus’ name, Amen.