The time has come in baby Roscoe’s life that God is his only hope of making it to the next day or even the next hour. I have been following the story of this sweet baby for the last week and a half and he has already been right at deaths door twice. His story breaks my heart and perhaps even more so because he is only 2 days younger than Tru. He is actually much younger than Tru because baby Roscoe was born at just 28 weeks gestation. He has spent his whole life in the NICU. His story makes me cry it is so heartbreaking. Last week he was doing better but he has again taken a turn for the worse. I just ask that you lift him up in prayer to God. He needs God to touch him right now and heal him so he can grow and live. Please pray.


In case you missed the link in the title, this is the blog his parents have made to keep everyone updated.


Dear God, I ask that You will please touch Roscoe and his parents right now. Please give his parents strength and joy. Please give Roscoe health and stability. I pray that You will sustain his life according to Your will. Please help him to live and grow and be well and strong and healthy. Please don’t let all that he has gone through trying to survive be in vain. More so for his parents sake I ask that you will not let his suffering so far be in vain but that the suffering that he has endured up to this point will be towards the purpose of him getting well finally and becoming stable in his health. I pray that You will please help him to get to experience all the normal things in life. Crawling, walking, talking, growing up, eating, laughing and being held. In Jesus’ name I ask that You will heal him. Amen.