I just discovered this post was still in my DRAFTS folder!!! How in the world did that happen?? It should have been posted on 6/11/14. Well no wonder I didn’t get any likes… 😉 



A lot of teething going on around here. Truett popped his first tooth through last week and has since popped in another. He showed no symptoms with the first tooth until right when it came through and he has been miserable since. He has had runny poop the last few days. Not diarrhea but just looser than usual and at least 6 times a day. It’s like the newborn days again but much stinkier. I have read that the extra saliva irritates the tummy and makes the teething baby poop more. He has also been taking more naps. Like 4 a day and waking up more at night crying this heart breaking pained cry. Only a snuggle in our bed will calm him. And Tylenol helps too. After reading a post about teething a few days ago by TwinMomLife, I requested for DH to pick some teething tabs on his way home from work yesterday. We have only tried them twice but he did go from nonstop crying this evening to happy so….


He is walking along the furniture now and is even brave enough to hold on with only one hand. He crawls around everywhere and into every room following me. His favorite place to crawl to is the dog bowl in the kitchen. As soon as he gets to it, he inmediately turns it upside down then looks quite pleased with himself for the puddle on the floor.


Speaking of puddles. Tru has been figuring this toilet thing out mpre and more. He woke up dry from 3 of his naps the other day and as soon as I put him on the toilet, he went pee. He has been going pee on the toilet more and more often if I put him on every half hour of so. A couple days ago we had success with pee or poop 5 out of 6 times. I am not real consistant with putting him on yet though. It’s more to familiarize him with it than anything but I am excited that he is doing so well with it. Every time he goes he gets this big smile like he is so proud of himself. It’s cute. 🙂


Annnnnnd…… Tru says Ma Mam!!!!!! Yay! He knows my name now too! That’s still so weird for me to say. My name is Mom. Or maybe more acurately Ma mam. 🙂


Truett’s tear duct is open! The week before last, his eye was so badly infected that I was sure I was going to have to call the Dr and ask them to go ahead and open it. It had just gotten too bad. So, how it goes is: we went to the zoo on Saturday with our church. I put Coppertone on Tru and unfortunately he rubbed his eyes with his fist and entire arm like he does all the time. His eye was already terrible but this was just insult to injury! Throughout the day his eye got so bad he could barely open it. He had tears streaming and his nose was running and his eye was clearly burning. We tried to wash it out with water and people thought we were stupid idiots and that we were trying to cool our baby off. Ya know, by pouring water in his eyeballs? And they were like “Do you think maybe he is hot?” because he was screaming. But anyways… it all got feeling better eventually but by then his skin around his eye looked a little worse for wear from him rubbing it. That drama aside, Sunday at church I requested them to pray over him. Our church prays over everyone who needs healing by laying on of hands and anointing with oil. That was in the morning. His eye was already looking a bit better by that night. Then a lady at church felt the urge to go pray over his eye again. Obviously his eye was attracting quite a lot of attention because it was so awful! It was really really awful. The next morning it was like 90% better. By the next Saturday morning his eye was 100% healed and his tear duct was OPEN!! Call it what you want but I say it was God. I am so thankful and I am hoping and praying that God will keep his little eye all better now. This is probably the best it has been for the longest amount of time since it initially blocked. I am so happy. 🙂


I measured Tru the other day and he was 29 and 3/4 inches tall. Which means he is now 9 inches taller than at birth and 2 and 1/4 inches taller than two months ago. But he is now 19 pounds and a few weeks ago when I weighed him he was 20. Of course the scale could have been off but I can see that he is slimmer and my mom said she noticed he was skinnier than usual. I guess it could be because he’s so active but a pound loss is a lot for a baby.


Thank you for reading. 🙂 Dear God, please help Tru’s teeth to feel better soon and I pray that his eye will stay healthy and clear and that his tear duct will stay open. Thank you for all of your blessings. Please watch over Tru and keep him safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.


P.s. Sorry no pictures. Tru is upset now and ready for bed. I will try to post pics later. 🙂