I decided to start hosting a Mommy/Baby group. I invited about 10 or 11 moms last week. Today we had our first meet up and it was a smashing success. I always thought these kind of groups were stupid until I saw Truett play with my husband’s cousin’s little girl who is 3 months older than Tru. They were so cute playing together!! So I decided I wanted him to have lots of opportunities to make friends and play with people his age and size. I’m not going to lie, having some fellow mommies to talk to is fun for me too. 

I feel silly to admit that a few days before we were supposed to meet up, I started to panic. I kept thinking “What am I doing? I am setting myself up to be around a bunch of moms who got pregnant like nothing and just started popping babies out like popcorn! This is going to hurt so bad seeing them with their 2 perfect kids and me, not sure what sort of horrors I will have to go through to have another or even if I will have another!” But thankfully I was able to push down all those negative thoughts and it never even crossed my mind while everyone was here. It was just a lot of fun for me and Tru and hopefully all the other mommies. 

I set the age limit at 0-3 yrs for now but I am willing to raise it if necessary. We had 5 moms this time. 4 babies and 2 toddlers. There was a lot of toy grabbing, paci stealing and near misses with eye poking but all the babies were good and the toddlers were so cute to watch. We met at 10 am and I served a light lunch a little before noon. Everyone started leaving between about 1:30 – 2:40. I’m already looking forward to next time!! 

Tru is exhausted now but he was so good the whole time. He really showed off for his friends with all his nice crawling skills, pretending that he doesn’t know how to cry and even took a nap in the crowded noisy living room. So happy with how it all went.