We have a crawler! He did a little bit the day before yesterday but yesterday is when he really took off. It’s still in the early stages but it’s so hilarious to watch. He gets up on his hands and knees and goes about 3 “steps” before falling on his face but that doesn’t stop him. He drags his head and his arm along while keeping the other arm and knees going. It is seriously the funniest crawl I have ever seen. DH says he looks wounded. I think he looks like an adorably cute zombie. But he still gets where he wants to go and he gets there quickly! I did manage to get a video of it yesterday but it is too long to bother with posting on here. 


Tru is eating so much now! He is up to at least 2 jars for breakfast, 2 or 2 and a half for lunch, 2-3 for supper and another 2 before bed topped off with a booby. It’s ridiculous! But he’s gotten so much more slim lately. He doesn’t have those huge baby thighs anymore and he has a neck now. I guess he’s just working it all off as he is VERY active. He is always on the move. He’s either rolling like a rolling pin, or up on his knees rocking and of course now, crawling. Ever so often, he makes his way across the family room to the large potted plant and his daddy’s xbox. He tries to pull the plant over even though he knows he is not allowed. He keeps looking at me and smiling while he does it, hoping that this time I will let him and not go over there to move him away again. I refuse to move the plant yet. It only likes this spot and it’s not causing him any danger at this point. Once he starts pulling up to a stand the plant may have to go…. 


I planted a bunch of tomatoes, green peppers and banana peppers this week. I still have more to plant but I’m going to have to find the time to dig up a little area to plant them. This is more than I usually plant in my little kitchen garden area. Tru sat in his stroller and  patiently waited while I planted. He looked so cute in his little muscle shirt! He loves being outside. I really need to make it a point to get him out there even more during the day. I hope that he might be kind of outdoorsy like me and DH are that way we can all enjoy being outside together. 


Yesterday the poor little man was playing over by his bedroom door. I was literally 5 steps away watching him.  I guess the dog must have been sitting on the guest bed in there like he does sometimes but I didn’t realize the dog was in there. I think that when the dog came out of the room Tru got his finger pinched in the door crack. He let out a very sad cry and tried to crawl towards me as fast as he could like “Help me mommy. Make this stop hurting.” I ran over to him and grabbed him up and called for DH to come inspect his finger. We put an ice pack wrapped in a towel on it but Tru didn’t like that. He was fine after a couple minutes but he really broke my heart seeing him hurt even if it was just a little booboo. So now our new rule is all the doors have to be shut when Tru is on the floor. Poor baby.

He has to check in the mirror every morning to make sure he’s still handsome. 😉

I decided one night that I was done letting Tru sleep in bed with me at all. We were not getting good sleep at all. He would cry and cry for me so I would give in. Then he would spend the rest of the night tossing and turning while I woke up with every movement and laying in one spot stiff all night for fear of rolling over on him. Finally, over a week ago, I made up my mind in the night that I was done and that it was in our best interest for both of us for him to be in his bed all night. So I laid him down after I nursed him and wouldn’t pick him up again no matter how much he cried. DH was falling apart on me after I let Tru cry for almost an hour!! Tru ca be so stubborn when he wants something, just like I am. He started out as sad and just wanting to be back beside his cozy booby, but then his cry changed to angry and he screamed in baby rage. I told DH he was welcome to hold him and lay in one stiff spot all night but I was done. DH decided not to relent either. Tru finally went to sleep and hasn’t slept in our bed since. A few times he has woken up and wanted to but he understands now that he can’t. I do still nurse him as many times as he wants in the night but I lay him back down immediately. This has been so much better for me and him! We both feel better, I can tell. And I am making sure he gets the 3 naps that he needs every day. He fights sleep so much but he really needs it. We don’t have exact nap times yet, but usually late morning, afternoon and a short nap in the evening before getting ready for bed. If I hold him during these naps, he wakes up after 10-15 minutes so I always lay him in his bed and he sleeps about 1-2 hours. He does still CIO sometimes but the amount of time is getting less and less and twice yesterday for naps and at bed time he didn’t cry at all. He is a billion times happier now and I hate it that I didn’t do this sooner. I just didn’t realize that some babies won’t sleep unless you take away every reason for them to stay awake and make it clear that they are napping. I also hated to let him CIO. But he’s like a whole new happy baby. If I had it to do over again, I would have always had him napping at least 3 times a day.


AF decided to come on Mother’s Day. I was not surprised. Isn’t that just like her? It’s not like I thought I was pregnant or anything but seriously… she could have held things off another day. As it is, I did nothing for Mother’s Day this year. DH took his mom out but I was at a graduation party so I didn’t go with them. I opted not to take my mom out because that takes away from her time with my little siblings that still live at home and I think she prefers just to stay home. I did take Tru over there on Saturday evening and we gave mom a card but that was the jist of it. I felt kind of bad that I didn’t get to do more for mom but as it turns out, hanging out with Tru was just what she wanted. Go figure. 😉 I still want to at least take her a potted plant though. I have to give DH some major credit. He actually was so thoughtful as to buy a card for me from Truett and even helped him “sign” it in baby scribbles and bought some hanging baskets sans flowers for the porch (but I having a feeling that he really just used Mother’s Day as an excuse to get them because he already wanted them) ;). So all in all, it was a very passive Mother’s Day which is good because, as I posted earlier, it’s just a Hallmark holiday in my opinion and having Tru and my mom should be celebrated every day, not just once a year. 


As a side note about AF… a gross side note… you can leave now if you want.  The last few months it has taken me 2 tampons at a time, either regular or super, along with a maxi pad to get through 1 hour. Sometimes 1 and a half hours. That’s it. It’s Crazy! I think I counted 13 tampons in 1 day last month and I’m not sure how many maxi pads. Is that a little extreme? I’ve always been heavy but this is ridiculous. I feel drained. Literally. 


Now that I have sucessfully grossed you out, I have to go save my crying baby from the horror of laying on the floor alone for 10 minutes. 😉 He’s a very social baby. 


Dear God, I thank You and I praise You for the gift of being Truett’s mommy this year. Thank You so much for his smiles and his cries. Thank You for every new little baby thing he learns and everything that we get to do together. Please watch over him as he continues to grow and learn new things. In Jesus’ name amen.