I feel a little guilty that I have to go back and check which week we are on every time I post a new update. Things are so busy around here. But that’s a good thing!
Last saturday, April 26th, we were at my in-laws house for the day and my 2 and a half-year old niece started crawling on the floor and Tru just thought that was great! He kept laughing and trying to mimic her. For the first time on his own, he actually got up on all fours. He kept laughing and getting on his hands and knees and trying so hard to get somewhere that he face-planted over and over. It was hilarious. Every time my niece left the room, Tru would start to fall apart and fuss for her to come back and he kept turning around on his belly (because he can do that now very quickly) to try to follow her. He was so shaky on his knees at first but he’s getting much better at it. He’s rocking back and forth now and almost making progress. He can go backwards a bit and make a little headway with a weird combo arm crawl/fall forward move. We had another play date with his 9 month old cousin so she could crawl in front of him so he could figure it out. They had a lot of fun stealing toys from each other, kissing on the lips and frenching, grabbing each other’s faces and talking to each other. I really could die from the cuteness. It’s a real possibility!
Then on Monday the 28th, we sat him on the floor and he didn’t fall over! It was crazy! Prior to Monday, if we sat him on the floor he would fall over in a few seconds. On the grass outside he had slightly better stability but all of a sudden, he is sitting! He can’t pull himself to a sitting position and when he wants down he either cries to be laid back or he lets himself fall onto his side. It’s super cute. I love him.
So, we had 2 major developments this week! I also moved him out of his co-sleeper. Harder on me than it was on him. I was not sure how that would go but it was definitely time as he had way past outgrown it well over a month ago. He was having trouble getting rolled over all the way without bumping the walls. We have the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Mini and I can’t say enough good things about it but it is very small. and it doesn’t convert into a pack and play like the full-size ones do but it does have great storage underneath that I was using for storing blankets and now they have nowhere to go so I have a pile of homeless blankets on my couch indefinitely. My house has practically no storage. Anyway, talk about a rabbit trail. I forgot what I was talking about. So, in an attempt to wean myself of having him 1 inch from me all night, I put his pack and play that we had never used in my room for the time being. It’s definitely more comfortable for him. He can spread out and get comfortable and roll as much as he wants. He also is farther from me which is good for him, scary for me. I know a lot of you mom’s have your babies down the hall, on another floor, out of earshot from you already with video baby monitors and let me just say…. I applaud you. I don’t know how to squelch the last bits of post partum anxiety that are making me keep him in my room. I have tried over and over to put him in his room in his crib for the night. I think the longest I’ve made it is an hour. Except for when my mom slept in there with him once. I usually end up halfway between our rooms on the couch wide awake listening for his every sound and movement and eventually, I just go get him so we can (hopefully) both sleep. One step at a time I guess.
Ok, enough freaking out about that… By the way ladies and gents. In the great DH-Talks-In-His-Sleep-Every-Night saga, I was informed by him that there is this stuff (apparently it’s funny because he laughed a lot in his sleep while telling me) that is called “L.A. wood”. I questioned him about it (in his sleep of course because I’m a good and kind, loving wife and don’t you dare doubt it ;)) and it is a wood that SINKS! Uh-huh. I then told him I love him and he said he loves me too. Cute that he loves me in his sleep. And last night in his sleep he informed me that he doesn’t even know me anymore. I asked him why and he said “Because you’re always on your phone”. I find that to be most untrue.
I’m on a homemade baby food making spree. Yesterday I bought all kinds of fruits and vegetables to make baby food at home. Tru is up to 2-3 jars, 3 times a day for a lot of his meals. Plus at least 5 oz of breast milk mixed with rice cereal before bed every night. Yikes, I know. But he’s in 12 month clothes so it’s understandable. His pediatrician said at his last appointment that she is fine with him eating more than the recommended servings because his weight was dropping percentiles quickly. He’s getting super tall though! People look at me funny when I say he’s almost 7 months. He looks 1. I swear. My friend kept saying today that he looks like he should be walking and have a head full of teeth and everything. He’s working on it! I have really noticed a drop in his nursing during the day. Down to about 4. Sometimes 5 but he’s not very interested. At night he may nurse 2-4 times though. I feed him right before bed but it doesn’t last him long. He wakes famished in the night and gulps like he hasn’t eaten in HOURS!!!! Every morning when he wakes up, in bed with me of course because my bed is sooo comfortable, and my arm is such a good pillow, and because he needs his arms to be held down so he doesn’t flail about and hit himself in the face, (this was never a problem until recently but now he will cry if I don’t hold his arms down when he wakes up in the night until he falls back to sleep. He will keep hitting himself in the face and crying. Holding down his arms soothes him for some reason. We never swaddled him so I don’t know why he has this problem now.) he looks at himself in the mirror and smiles and gets super excited to see himself. That last sentence was really weird and long and I think it broke all the rules but that’s because it’s after midnight and it’s my cue to be done when I’m no longer coherent. Sorry.

Dear God, Thank You for all the new things Tru is learning to do. Please protect him at all times as he continues to learn and explore. Thank You so much for the gift of being his mommy. For the gift of getting to love him. I am so thankful for him. In Jesus’ name, amen.