It’s weird to me that we have hit a stage now where baby food is becoming more important than breast milk for Truett. Of course I still nurse him as much as he wants for drinks, snacks, and additional nutrition. The pediatrician told me at his visit last week that I need to nurse him after I feed him his baby food that way he is filling up on the food more than the milk. She also told me that we needed to start feeding him 3 separate meals a day (with as much additional nursing as he wants) once we had passed the allergy tests and introduced more foods. We started carrots today and at first, Tru was not a fan. I read that babies can sometimes take up to 15 times of trying the same food before they like it so I am confident that he will grow to like it soon. He gagged and made terrible faces at sweet potatoes for the first several times and eventually he grew to like them. So far he really loves peaches, peas and green beans and now sweet potatoes too. 

       I have seen Tru put his butt in the air twice now like he is trying to get on all fours but still no crawling. He rolls around like a rolling-pin these days. He will cry when I leave the room and go rolling after me. It cracks me up. Tru still can’t sit up on his own but he is pretty steady with just a little support. I have a feeling he will be sitting in another week or 2 and probably crawling very soon too. Where does the time go???? 

I am scared out of my mind right now because the swollen lymph node that I noticed on the side of Tru’s head when he was a couple of weeks old is still there. It actually feels maybe a bit bigger too. I also found 4 more scattered around his head and neck area last night and I instantly felt sick. I just laid there holding him trying to swallow back the panic. As soon as I got up this morning I called his pediatrician’s office and got him in for an appointment later today. He needs to go in anyways because he has an eye infection that comes and goes and I usually put eyrithramycin in his eye that his doctor gave him awhile back and it usually clears right up but not this time. I am so nervous though because this lymph node thing has been there since shortly after birth and it’s really scaring me.

So, a few little tidbits I want to write down just so I remember…
– Tru has started shaking his head like he is saying “no” but he’s really just doing it for the fun of it and I find it adorable.
– I have finally stopped shedding hair as excessively as I was. It’s still more than normal but less than it was. I also have started regrowing hair in the thin places and now I have tons of little tiny short hairs all sticking up everywhere.
– Tru is still pooping on the big toilet consistently. Almost every poop is on the toilet now. He makes a little grunt sound when he needs to go and looks me right in the eyes while doing a little practice grunt face. It is Hilarious!!! He actually had to use a public toilet the other day because he simply would not go in his diaper and we were not going to be home any time soon. Can’t believe poop training was that easy. Now I guess its time to start working on going pee on the toilet which we haven’t really worked on much yet.

Dear God, please watch over Tru and keep him heathy and safe. I pray that there will not be anything wrong in his body that could cause him any harm. Please help him to continue to grow stong and healthy and to keep learning all the new things that he is trying to do. In Jesus’ name, amen.