I had the chance the other day to sit and catch up with a very dear friend. She is 80 years old. She had infertility. A few years back, I had mentioned to her that we were having trouble TTC and I really just imagined that she didn’t understand the struggle. I figured that she thought it wasn’t as bad as I was saying it was because, ya know, I’m young… lots of time to try. Or so I was always told. *eye roll*
Well, I learned alot the other day. As it turns out, she wanted children very much. I don’t know how long it was that her and her husband tried for initially but eventually she did get pregnant just to lose that baby. I believe she said they waited a total of 4 years trying for their little boy. Since they had such a long struggle and because IF treatment didn’t exist back then, they naturally assumed that they would not be able to have any more children unless God moved for them. They certainly wanted more babies so they waited to see what would happen. God did bless them again after 6 more years with another baby boy.
I kept wondering as she was telling me this story, how different it must have been back then to have infertility. They had no doctors who could diagnose what their problem was. They had no fertility medicines to try or ICSI to put an immobile, morphologically challenged sperm directly into an egg. There was nothing for her to do but pray. She just had to wait. I’m sure her heart and her arms ached for a baby but all she could do was hope and pray and wait some more.
I told her that it was very interesting for me to talk to her about infertility as it is something that I don’t have in common with very many IRL friends and she told me that she believes that everything we go through is for a purpose. I believe that too. Maybe the purpose of her going though infertility was so that when she heard that I was experiencing that (and a few other couples she’s known I’m sure) she could pray for us and offer encouragement. She did pray for us so much along the way. More than I realized. And maybe that is part of the reason why I have had this battle. So I can pray for and encourage other women. I really don’t know, but I am sure that this battle has not been for no reason.
I really don’t know where I was going with this. I guess I just found it interesting to hear her story and its happy ending. I find it amazing how God moved for her and blessed her with her 2 boys and that God moved for me too in an entirely different way and blessed me with my little boy. 🙂