Wubanub in Texas.

Wubanub in Texas.

Truett and I made our first solo trip together last weekend. This also happened to be our first experience on a plane ever which I actually quite enjoyed. Lift off and landing were my favorite parts by far. We went to stay with my friend J for a few days before her wedding as I was her Matron of Honor. Thank you J! If at any point in this post it sounds like I am complaining about anything, I am not. I thoroughly enjoyed our trip. I needed a vacation way more than I realized. I had a blast the entire time; at airports, flying, at my friend’s apartment, at the wedding, at delicious dinners and even at the hotel. (So you are not allowed to say “sorry” J!) My friend kept apologizing the whole time for every little thing but really Tru and I were quite happy and content. 🙂
We left our house at 5am friday morning after I slept about 20 minutes all night. I have lovely insomnia and that just happened to be a bad night. But I’m generally a functioning insomniac so aside from talking backwards all day, I coped fine with no sleep. YAY me! We arrived at the airport by about 6:30am and after driving around a long time trying to figure out how to long-term park my car, we got on the shuttle and to the terminal. we got through security in a breeze. This was the only airport that didn’t make me remove my shoes or take my laptop out of my carry on or check my hands for whatever they check them for. That actually freaked me out a bit because really no matter how innocent anyone looks, everyone should be checked. We easily found our gate and before long we were taking off. Tru loved that first take off. We were seated by a window and he looked out and got quite excited about watching the whole take off process. He fussed maybe 5 minutes and then was asleep. We had to make a connection in Chicago. While I really hate that airport in all of its bigness, it wasn’t too bad and again, before long we were in the air and safely landed in Austin. We had a fun time with some turbulence. No really, it was fun. Kind of like a mini rollercoaster. Tru liked it. He fell asleep again. My friend came to pick us up and we had a whole day to sit and talk and catch up. It was so much fun and she is so amazing at understanding what I mean when I talk backwards and out of my head. She really has a talent there.
Saturday was rehearsal and rehearsal dinner which was absolutely divine! I mean folks, I got an 18oz steak. It lasted me 2 meals. It was fantastic!! Truett held up amazingly well considering I didn’t put him to bed until around 11:30pm. I also should add that during this trip I had NO INSOMNIA. I slept amazing the whole time. Truett had no problems sleeping either. He went to sleep within minutes of me laying him down every night, nursed a couple of times in the night and went immediately back to sleep and slept in every day until 8:30am (except the day I woke him up early) which is actually 9:30am since we are in a different time zone. Impressive. I expected sleep to be horrible on the trip but I was very pleasantly surprised.
Enjoying warmer Texas weather!!

Enjoying warmer Texas weather!!

Truett in his borrowed car seat.
I'm manly enough for the pink car seat.

I’m manly enough for the pink carseat.

There's a Wubanub on my head?

There’s a Wubanub on my head?

Sunday morning we were up and getting ready by 6:30am for a 10:30am wedding. My friend was out the door earlier so her brother very kindly drove baby and I to the wedding venue. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS!!! Unfortunately, I only managed to get pictures on my phone instead of on my camera but you can still see how beautiful the view was. It kept raining all morning off and on and my poor friend was reduced to tears at the prospect of her wedding being indoors. I was really not wanting to cry because she had a make up artist to my make up already and … smeared mascara doesn’t rock on me. Anyways, God was good to her and stopped the rain just long enough for the ceremony. It was gorgeous. The lake was misty.. everything was beautiful. The rain started pouring by the end of the ceremony so it was quickly concluded and we all rushed inside, laughing and wet. You never saw such a beautiful, rained on bride. They had an absolutely perfect reception with delicious food and cake. Sunday evening we went to an after wedding dinner with my friend’s family and had some fantastic ribs.
The lake all misty and romantic in  the rain.

The lake all misty and romantic in the rain.

Looking out the window at the lake.

Looking out the window at the lake.

The reception venue.

The reception venue.

My gorgeous friend and her adorable husband cutting the cake.

My gorgeous friend and her adorable husband cutting the cake.

The amazing ribs!

The amazing ribs!

All dressed up. :)

All dressed up. 🙂

Monday morning I woke up sad that the trip was already over. Time to go home. How did it go by so fast? My friend dropped me and Tru off at the airport and very sadly I said goodbye. It could be years before we see each other again. I’m so glad so the time we got to spend together.
Totally loving the prickly pear cactus plants everywhere!

Totally loving the prickly pear cactus plants everywhere!

I bought a few postcards for my album and Tru and I boarded our plane for a quick flight to Dallas. In Dallas we had a little layover before heading home so I bought some lunch and we just hung out. We got to ride the Skylink which I found absolutely awesome. I’m easy to impress. 😉 I worried we wouldn’t get to our flight on time so I was rushing through the airport. I needn’t have worried though. We boarded our flight home and just as we went to take off, we were called back to the gate because of mechanical problems. There were no other flights home that day so the airline gave us a hotel room and called a shuttle to take us there and gave me vouchers for supper and breakfast the next day. Everyone else on the flight was crabby and upset about the flight being cancelled but I was extremely thankful. I’m flying with a baby. If you even think there is a possibility of a problem, I want no part in being in the air. Plus I wasn’t ready for my trip to end. I missed DH badly but I was still ok with staying the night in a relatively nice, clean hotel room and just relaxing with the baby. He was so happy to finally be put down, he laughed when I laid him on the bad and let him play with his toys.
At the hotel getting some much-needed play time.

At the hotel getting some much needed play time.

Tuesday we got to stay till noon at the hotel because we took their latest shuttle to the airport since our flight was at 4:05pm. I took a shower and had to improvise on a way to keep Tru safe since he would roll off the bed and I had no seat for him. I just dumped out our clothes and let him lay on a pillow in the luggage.wpid-CAM00839.jpg Hey, it worked! We got back to the airport and after a few hours wait, we were on the plane and back in our own home state! Truett cried for over an hour in the car driving home. I think he developed separation anxiety from being with me so much during the weekend. When I stopped the car to check on him, he smiled and laughed at me, then as soon as I got back in the car he was a sobbing mess again. It was actually pretty adorable. wpid-CAM00844.jpg

So, tips I can share after this experience.
1) Pack light on the clothing – I chose to pack one outfit per day for Truett and 2 sleepers for 4 nights. This works for him because he is neither a messy baby, nor a barfer. I also packed a few bibs and just hand washed them when I ran out. I packed 5 diapers per day and landed with 2 leftover! I brought 3 jars of baby food and bought more when I got there. I packed multiple shirts for myself and an extra pair of jeans. I took too sets of pajamas and of course socks, undies and the bridesmaid dress and a dress for the rehearsal dinner. I took a change of shoes too.

2) Only take a check in bag if you have someone to carry it into the airport with you and someone else to carry it out at your destination. Check it all the way through to the final destination because you will probably not be able to handle it once you are on your own. I packed a carry on and took Truett’s normal sized diaper bag and my regular sized purse and it was almost more than I could carry.

3) Use a good baby carrier!!! Truett pretty much stayed in his Moby Wrap all through the airports. I would take him out on the planes and if we were sitting at the gate waiting to board but otherwise he really needed to be in there so I had my hands free for carrying the baggage. A few times her protested and I just had to do my best to carry him on my hip. I like the Moby but I’m not sure if there would be some easier carrier to get on and off. You really can’t just put the Moby on while you are holding the baby and there is nowhere to lay the baby down in the airport or on the plane. The upside to the Moby is that you can keep it on after you take the baby out and it’s not in your way. Then you can put the baby right back in easily.

4) Invest in some good, baby safe disinfecting hand and face wipes. – In the terrible event that you may need to change the baby’s diaper in the plane bathroom (shudder), they will touch everything. It’s too small in there for them to not touch anyways and if they are curious like Tru, it will suddenly be an awesome time to rub the walls and grab the sink faucets and everything else in their reach…which is everything. I know the person sitting next to me must have thought I was nuts when I returned to my seat and started frantically washing Tru’s hands and feet over and over with wipes.

5) Dress baby in a one piece sleeper. – I dressed Tru in pants and shirt up until the very last flight and he was so much more comfortable in his sleeper. Also we weren’t having to keep picking his socks up off the floor and finally just going sockless.

6) I got smart on our very last day at the airport and found that I could use his toy interconnecting rings to put his teether and pacifier on. We had dropped his pacifier a good 20 times throughout the trip until then. I then connected the rings to the Moby. Problem solved!wpid-CAM00842.jpg

All in all, there is nothing remotely easy about flying with an infant but it wasn’t as hard as I thought and it ended up being well worth it because we both had so much fun. I actually found it to be rather bonding with Tru. We had a little adventure together and we got to be close to the whole time.