This week we saw an improvement in sleeping at night….. so I probably just jinxed us. Great. Anyways, Tru has been waking up about 3-4 times a night to nurse the last week or so and only sleeping in bed with us for the second half of the night. Yes, that’s an improvement. Don’t knock it. 😉

Truett had his 6 month checkup this week. He is 27 and 1/4″ tall in the 75th percentile, 44 and 1/2cm head circumference in the 84th percentile. 😉 He weighed in at 16lbs 14oz in the 38th percentile for weight. That is down from the 50 something percentile at his 4 month checkup. The NP said she isn’t concerned because she knows my family and they are all slim folks but I really would like to see him gain just a bit better. Baby food may help with that. Also, he’s just so busy now that he is bound to loose weight.

So, we started offering pureed baby foods a week and a half ago and since Tru has to pass the 3 day allergy test with each one, so far he has tried sweet potatoes, green beans and peas. We need to start something new today but we are busy with friends so he will probably just stick with his same 3 foods (plus rice cereal) until another day. He hated sweet potatoes at first but now he loves them. He loves the green things too which I’ve heard is unusual for a little baby.

My friend and her 9 month old little girl came over this week and her baby and Truett smiled and played together. It was THE.CUTEST.THING! They kept reaching out for eachother and grabbing face and stealing toys. It made me want twins for a minute. I mean, I get that it would be twice as much work and all that but they were so freaking cute playing together.
Still rolling around everywhere. He can almost sit by himself now too. I swear I just love this kid so much. He’s the cutest, best baby ever. 😉 Isn’t it nice how every mom gets to have the best, cutest baby ever?! Because really… they are all the best and the cutest.
Dear God, please watch over Tru and bless him. Please pour out Your blessings on his life and help us to raise him right to walk in Your ways. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Stay tuned for “Wubanub Goes to Texas – Flying Solo With a 6 Month Old”