I totally forgot to post this update! I don’t know what is happening with my brain lately….

      We had a pretty good week. Truett continues to roll around like a little pro. We had a fun night of almost zero sleep! That was a hoot. I officially hate full moons. I hung a couple heavy blankets in the windows to block out the light and that seemed to help. Baby is like mommy. We cant sleep in any amount of light. The funny thing is, Tru seems scared of the dark when I lay him down in a totally dark room. I have to leave a light on until he falls asleep and then turn it off for the rest of the night. Yesterday I felt like the postpartum hair loss had slowed down a bit but today I’m not so sure. Its very annoying. I keep waking up in the night with loose hair all over my face and it also wraps around my hands.

       I went shopping this week for clothes for Tru and got 17 pairs of pants and onesies at the thrift store for $22!! They look nice too. Not worn out at all. I felt pretty happy about that! He is in size 9-12 month pants and 9 month onesies, sleepers and shirts and size 3 diapers.

  DSCN1315     I thought about starting him on purees this month but now I think I will go ahead and hold off until a few days after 6 months for convenience sake. He’s doing fine with baby cereals once or twice a day right now. I’ve been mixing it with breastmilk to add a little nutritional value. There is no way I could have made him wait until 6 months to start feeding him any solids.This boy is big! He weighs only 2 pounds less than the one year old girl my mom and sisters babysit. He’s around 17.5 pounds as of 2 weeks ago. I still have somewhere around a thousand ounces of breastmilk in the freezer. (I lost count so I’m not exactly sure how much the final total was) I stopped pumping at the end of January. The not great thing though is that Tru refuses to drink the thawed milk because it tastes weird. I didn’t actually try it but I did smell it. It smells like dishwashing liquid/spit up. A quick google search revealed that my body makes excess lactase. From what I read, lactase is something that breaks down the fat in milk and some mothers make extra. Its not a bad thing at all except that it continues breaking down the fat even after the milk has been frozen and makes it smell/taste weird. The good news is that he still like it when it mixed in is cereals so even though hes not a fan of drinking it, we can still use it up. It wont hurt him any to eat or drink it and milk banks still accept it that way.

        I tried posting a password protected post. Maybe you guys can see it? Its not showing up in my reader. The gist of it is – I had a miscarriage. I didn’t know I was pregnant. How did I get pregnant anyways? If you want details, I can email you the password protected post. I just feel weird about putting it up there for all the world to see right now. I feel sad and a little guilty for not even knowing there was a baby in there.

      I don’t have a good way to end this post so I’m just going to end it with some pictures.


RSCN1192Tru with the petri dish that was once his home.
Naptime in the crib.
DSCN1324River gets a little jealous of Tru having all the cool toys.
I might have went couponing. Yep. All those items had a coupon. Success!! Saving money. 🙂