Last week I went to my family doctor and got a prescription for Paxil. I decided I had enough of being depressed and anxious and I made the decision to get some mood enhancing medicine. I was afraid to start taking it during the week though so I waited for the weekend when DH was home to start it. The weekend came and I felt fine so I put off taking it longer. I still haven’t started it yet and I’m not sure if I will. I guess we will see how I do over the next few days/weeks. I think just having it there for me to take if necessary makes me feel a little better. I prayed about it too that I would get the right med for my problem.

       One thing that I think is key for me right now is getting lots of exercise. And I don’t mean the one thousand squats picking baby up off the floor all day. 😉 I have been taking walks outside getting fresh air and sunshine. The baby loves it, the dog loves and I love it so we all win. My SIL was talking to me about vitamin D deficiency and all the problems it can cause. I didn’t realize it was such a big deal. She is very deficient so she knows all about it. I have no idea why I would be seeing as I get quite a healthy dose of vitamin D in milk every day but she did mention that it could cause depression so I wonder…. we’ve all been so stuck inside all winter not getting any sunshine so it very well could be playing a part in my mood.

       Another thing that is extremely important for me right now is getting out. Going places. Shopping. (but not spending money) Visiting friends and family. I need to have times where its not just me and Tru at home alone. Those times are nice and I cherish them but at the same time, I really need to have adult time. Have people making over my baby. I cant just sit at home all the time regardless of the gas prices.

      So that’s pretty much it. I have Paxil if I need it. I have an appointment for a month from now to reevaluate. The dr said she has had lots of patients coming in lately feeling the way I do just from the winter blues. That made me feel better knowing that it might actually just be weather related and not solely a postpartum thing. Knowing that spring is around the corner and getting ready to start back up with my housecleaning jobs ect has already helped. Last week was a good week. I don’t want to “jinx” things but hopefully things will be all better now.