I originally thought this update would be like – “No sleep. Losing my mind. The end.” but I *think* we are getting that figured out finally. A week of only sleeping 3-5 hours of pieced together sleep, often while Tru talked to himself in his co-sleeper. I was feeling very much like we had reverted to the newborn days. It was that same, mindless, forgetfull, burning eyeballs tired. Tru was quite cranky too from the lack of sleep. Not only was he up most of the night, but he also decided to forgo naps as well. He’s still not back to normal, but he did a little better the last few nights. I hope I’m not jinxing us…. Anyway, I found out that he is appearently not comfortable on his back for the whole night and he wants to sleep on his belly too! However, because he trys to sleep face down with his nose in the bed and give me a panic attack, we had to compromise and go for the side. Which he rolls onto his back from over and over and gets woken up by. So I’ve spent the last few nights turning him back onto his side every so often when he wakes. But it beats staying up 3 hours talking to his toes!! Although his toes are remarkably adorable if I do say so. 😉
       Rice cereal is still happening. Usually once a day, sometimes twice. We tried oatmeal cereal twice and Tru loved it but I got nervous and decided to wait. I was told that oatmeal was more of an allergy threat but to be honest, I think he is probably ready for it. He absolutely LOVES his cereal and I love feeding him. Win, win.
     Over the last few weeks Tru has really started holding onto objects and reaching for them with open hands. He used to only reach with his fists clenched. Everything goes straight in his mouth. If it doesn’t make it in, fussing ensues. He still likes the playmat, walker, occasionally the swing and the stroller! The last 2 days its been warm enough for walks and Tru has been quite happy with that.
     This evening Tru was playing on his belly and he started putting his knee up and getting his butt in the air. DH called for me to come see “Tru’s crawling!!” Well, maybe not quite, but he’s certainly thinking about it. 🙂
       He has also started sucking his thumb. This came out of nowhere. I kept hearing slurping in the night and eventually I rolled over one morning to see him peacefully sucking away on his thumb. So cute!! 🙂 Which is another reason he isn’t happy on his back I think. His thumb falls out of his mouth that way. So pacifiers are more of a chew toy during the day. But the wubanub is still his best friend. He holds it all the time and chews all over it.
      I finally decided my PPD or crazy winter blues was unacceptable. I started taking St. John’s Wart herb pills to combat it. Its safe for breastfeeding and proven to be nearly as effective at treating mild depression as prescription antidepressants. I’m on day 3. If it doesn’t help, I will probably try Zoloft. Its weird though. Its more anxiety than anything. I never understood how anyone could be depressed with a cute baby in the house, but its nothing to do with him at all. Its just a hormonal, chemical imbalance thing. Not fear of motherhood or feeling overwhelmed or regretfull. Not that those feelings are wrong but for me its just an irrational anxiety about totally ridiculous things and I don’t want to spend all my time worried while I have Truett to enjoy and care for. We can’t get this time back. I don’t want this to rob me of these moments.
      I don’t have my SD card available at the moment so I will try to post pictures later. Sorry! 😉
      Dear God, please watch over Tru and protect him. Please help me and his daddy to be healthy so we can take good care of him. Thank You for these days. I ask that we will all enjoy these days and not spend them on needless worries. In Jesus’ name, amen.