I caved. I admit I’m weak! Despite my fervent desire to exclusively breastfeed until 6 months before starting rice cereal, Truett enjoyed a little evening meal. DH picked up a box of rice baby cereal on his way home. My baby is all growed up now!
     I know that “they” recommend not introducing solids until 6 months of age and I vowed wholeheartedly that no baby food would touch my baby’s tongue until he had completed every bit of growing to 24 weeks. That was before he was grabbing food from me when I eat with him on my lap. And it was before he would stare with eyes as big as saucers at my water glass. His little mouth open, his little hands reaching out whilst making little baby grunting sounds trying to grab the glass and pull it to his mouth. When we would allow him a sip of water, he couldn’t get enough and would keep staring at the glass when we took it away.
      It doesn’t seem like he’s actually hungry necessarily. As long as he nurses every two hours he seems full. Yet he’s not staying satisfied for long enough periods. He can’t go long at night. He’s trying to eat the world – especially his toes. And its not just teething. I guess the time just came that he needed more substantial food. So this evening, through bittersweet fake crying, I mixed up a little breastmilk with cereal and Daddy gave Tru his first bite. As soon as he got past the initial “what!” factor, he was totally sold on this yummy stuff. His little mouth opening like a baby bird. At 18.4 weeks, Tru is eating baby food. (Daddy did slip him a pea sized bite of yogurt last week. Not making me happy!! Definitely don’t want Tru on dairy quite yet.)
     I do intend to stick to breastfeeding and the rice cereal until 6 months, but who knows. This kid is a pretty fair sized guy (particularly his noggin) so we will just have to play it by ear on when we start the next foods.
    Wow. I didn’t know feeding him baby food would effect me like this. I feel so sad/happy. Its stupid of me really. He’s just growing up so fast!!!
     I tried 4 times to make breastmilk yogurt. (Sounds gross, I know.) Appearently, many moms have great success with that. I’m not one of them. My cow milk yogurt turns out thick and creamy and perfect but the breastmilk doesn’t which is so disapointing to me but oh well… its not meant to be. Cool idea though!
     Weigh in btdt moms. When did you start rice cereal? How soon afterwards did you start stage 1 baby purees?