I don’t really have time for much of an update. This is going to be quick.
    I don’t know where my sweet happy little boy went. This last week and a half has been miserable for all of us. Truett seems to be cutting teeth and he is not at all happy about it. It makes me sad to see him in so much pain. Its pretty much an all day cry fest. He doesn’t want to jabber or coo. Smiles are far and few between. Its difficult to distract him from the discomfort for even a few minutes and its really a shame. He was just starting to enjoy new toys like his walker but now he wants nothing to do with it. Positively nothing helps. The swing is the only thing that will lull him to sleep for a few minutes. But even in his sleep he lets out little wimpers of pain. He’s done a lot of comfort nursing which he really never did before. He’s only on there a few minutes at a time though because appearently that’s not too comfortable either. I hope these teeth pop through soon and give him some relief.
     Tru had his 4 month checkup this week. He is 15.6lbs now. 50th percentile for weight. 25.5″ long in the 60th percentile. 42.5cm head circumference in the 80th percentile. 😉 Big head. Cause we tell him he’s cute too much I guess. The pediatrician said to start him at any time on rice cereal followed by vegetables and fruits a week later or, if we prefer, to breastfeed to 6mo. DH and I both want to wait right now as long as Tru isn’t acting hungry. We want to minimize the risk of food allergies. But I am trying to make breastmilk yogurt to feed him in the meantime. That’s a whole other post. I will try to type that story up pronto.
         Dear God, please help little Tru to feel better now while he’s cutting his teeth. I pray that you will help them to come through without too much pain so he can be a happy, healthy baby again. Please help us to make good parenting decisions with him and to do our very best raising him according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.