Tru is lying in his co sleeper, chewing on his fingers and jabbering up a storm. Usually he’s asleep long before now but this week has been a nightmare. I think he’s really starting to feel the stress.
       I’ve been sick. Bad sick. It started last Friday with the yeast infection from hell. Pardon my French. But it really really is. A week later and I still have it. A week on Diflucan. A week using almost every home remedy Google has to offer. A trip to Urgent Care. They just gave me more Diflucan. Oh. And they gave me the flu. At least I think it was them. I didn’t know what was happening to me. My mom had to come get the baby because I couldn’t hardly pick him up. I got a dr appointment but on the way there I literally thought I was dying. My whole body was totally numb. Every single bit of it. My hands seized up in this contorted discusting way and I couldn’t move them. So we got as far as the ER. I was praying and thanking God for letting me have my baby before I died and called DH to tell him I loved him. I told my mom to tell my family I loved them. I kept saying “I can’t believe I’m dying.”
      Obviously, I didn’t die. I was just badly dehydrated amongst other things. I got Zofran, an IV and some pain relief in the IV and came home to spend the next 2 days in fever land. Too weak to pick up the baby or even get out of bed. My sister had to care for the baby entirely including putting him up to my bbs to nurse. He will only take a bottle if he is extremely desperate. So, long story short, I lost my milk. Pretty much completely. Its a crying shame. But hopefully now that I can drink again, I’ll get it back soon. I’m finally able to pick the baby up for the first time in 3 days. He missed me. I missed him. And since my mom had to take him home while I was at the ER, it was our first time being separated since he was an embryo. I didn’t like it. I especially didn’t like the circumstances.
       I woke up this morning to my fever breaking and seeing that Tru appearently learned a lot the last few days. Turns out he can now not only reach for his toys, but somewhat hold onto them too. He puts everything in his mouth. And he’s starting to laugh a lot. I love his laugh. Its adorable!!! He also tried out his walker today. His feet are far from the floor but he is absolutely thrilled by the toy tray. He kept spinning the ball. DH declared it the “cutest I’ve ever seen him!” and said he looked like a little mad scientist. Tru likes anything as long as its done in big people positions. None of that lying down baby stuff for him! ­čśë Unless its his swing. He does like him a good swing now and then. He’s such a big guy now. I feel like he’s a different baby. Aside from still being easy going and whatnot, he’s just so much different. I guess that’s what they call growing up. I just didn’t realize it happens so fast.
     Tru always watches me when I’m drinking out of a glass. I’ve let him have a few sips of water and he loves it. Today he wanted a sip out of my glass so badly he was sucking his bottom lip way in trying to get the glass. We finally just had to get him his own glass with just a bit of water. How he loves it! Its so cute. I was glad he drank a little water because of not having enough milk. Through the course of the day he would only take 7oz by bottle. But I nursed him probably 10-12 times. He has had some weird diarrhea stuff and a little temp of 99.6 so I’m hoping that’s the worst of it and he doesn’t get an awful flu.
       Well, he asleep now and I should be too. I think we shall need some extra nursing sessions tonight. 
       Dear God, please protect Tru and help him to stay well and not get sick this winter. Thank You for him and for the blessing of having him. In Jesus’ name, amen.