The weeks are whipping by way too fast! I blink and another hour is gone. My little man is growing so quickly.
      Truett is really talking up a baby storm. He puts sounds together and forms what seriously sounds like little baby babble conversations. He says “goo” pretty much on command and trys to mimic sounds I make. It cracks him up when I talk to him in his own babbling language. You can tell he really thinks I understand! He’s a little behind in his motor skills but a bit ahead in his vocal practicing so I think he’s just focusing on that right now instead on the other things babies his age are doing. I am starting to encourage him to work on his motor skills though by doing things like trying to help him use his arms to push his chest up so his face isn’t in the blanket while he’s doing tummy time. He can lift his head off the floor when he’s laying on his tummy, but he doesn’t like to and he ends up getting frustrated quickly with his face touching the floor. He will not push up with his arms whatsoever but I think its just a matter of time as all babies learn at different speeds. However, I do want to keep an eye on it to be sure he’s at least trying to learn these things. He does hold his fists upwards when he’s laying on his playmat looking up at the toys hanging over his head so that’s progress. He still doesn’t want to unclench his fists and I have to wash his hands very frequently as he chews on his hands alllll the time and they get a really weird vinegar/dirty foot smell to them very quickly.            
     Anyway… I haven’t been reading up on baby milestones because I feel like I know he’s a bit behind on his motor skills but it would just stress me out to read every month about the things he’s “supposed” to be doing but there’s no point to worrying yet. I think he’s just doing things on his own time frame. Just like it took him a little longer than I think the paper the pediatrician gave me said it would take for him to start looking us in the eyes. But he got it. And now I look down at him while I’m holding him and find him looking at my face waiting to give me a big smile. Every morning when he wakes up and I go to pick him up, he gives me the most adorable bright eyed smile and I just melt! I can’t believe how beautiful he is!

    I should mention that I’m typing this in bed and DH is sleeping next to me. He just snuggled up to me in his sleep and did a little chuckle and asked “Do you have marshmallows on you?” I went ahead and said “yes.” Why not? That must be one kinky dream! Hahaha. To be fair, we did drink hot cocoa with marshmallows just before going to bed so….
       I think we may have found a reason for my diminishing milk supply. I take Folbee RX vitamin b complex. Its an extremely high dose. The OB consultant I went to prescribed it for me to take because of my body’s inadequate ability to absorb vitamin b due to the MTHFR mutation. I talked with a lactation consultant today and she was asking about prescriptions and I told her I took that during pregnancy and started it back up a few weeks ago and as it turns out, large doses of vitamin b6 can decrease milk production. Who knew? Something so seemingly innocent as a vitamin. I upped my pumping to 3-4 times a day, increased fenugreek to 4 pills a day and am trying to get Tru to eat one whole side and then nibble at the other side. He usually just nurses one side per feeding. It doesn’t seem to be enough to fill him now though. Generally he’s a really quick nurser. 5 minutes and he’s done with that business. He must just not really enjoy it much once he gets his fill. He used to barely nurse above 7 minutes and only on 1 side when he was born and the LC didn’t like that as they wanted 15 minutes per side, but he just does his own thing and that’s that. I guess we will see if these changes get production back up. Hopefully! Because when I cut back to pumping 2 times a day my supply drops and it freaks me out.

       I better get some sleep while I have a chance. Maybe I’ll have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. Or marshmallows.
       Dear God, how quickly time passes now while taking care of Truett. I pray that DH and I will not fail to take the time to teach Tru about You and the sacrifice that Jesus became for us so that we could live forever in heaven with You. I pray that we will raise him up in the way that he should go. Please protect him throughout his life both physically, and spiritually. In Jesus’ holy and precious name, amen.