Okay it’s probably not really as bad as it sounds. But it still sucks! First, its the coldest it’s been here in 20 years. I keep borderline losing my milk if I don’t pump a little extra and do everything perfectly. Its annoying. Of course I can’t really wash my breast pump every time I need to use it because we ran out of water. Then we got water. Then it froze like a day or two later. Then stayed frozen for a few days. Then it thawed out but we never got to use it because before it could make its way into the house, a water line busted and we lost over a thousand gallons of water ($36) under our house. DH stinks. I stink. The baby stinks. The dirty week of dishes stink. We’ve been able to haul water out of the cistern to flush the toilet and sponge bathe but now all our water is under the house. 😦
      DH bought a used truck just before Christmas. Granted, it was cheap. But cheap is still expensive for us. Its 8 cylinder so we weren’t planning on it being his primary vehicle. Of course, as you know if you’ve been following my blog long, my car is very undependable. So it can’t be his primary vehicle. A few days after buying the truck, his car broke down and its not looking good. The mechanic has had it a week and a half. It may be too expensive to repair. Its old and rusty and has over 250,000 miles, but its been good. Until now. So we are probably out a car with no good backup choice because the truck is way too expensive for him to drive to work every day. Think $500 a month in gas…. Yeah ouch. Or at least we will be out a lot of money for repairs and just have a car on it’s last leg, err tire.
     Oh wait. Did I mention we are living in 1 room? We can only heat the family room and sort of occasionally heat the bathroom. It was -7° lastnight and our heatpump can’t heat below 30°. Our backup heat source is an electric fireplace. It can’t do the whole house though in this cold. So we borrowed a Edenpure space heater from my parents and the 2 running on high around the clock keep the family room 66°-72°. But we can only heat this room. It sucks. The kitchen and bedrooms/bath were 34° today. 2° above freezing. Take that butt cheeks! Do you still want to sit on that toilet to pee? No?
      I feel bad for complaining though because similar events have happened previously and I always thought “If I just had a baby, I wouldn’t even mind this.” And admittedly, I see his precious face and all this sucks a lot less. But seriously. I’m done with the temps, the infernal lack of water and I’m dreading what will doubtless be an electric bill that I just can’t afford. At all. And yet… we do have it better than so many people. My heart goes out to the homeless right now who would love my 1 warm room, my busted pipes, my stinky house and stupid car. I shouldn’t complain. But I am.
     So, who do I call? Nope, not Ghostbusters. I call Dad. And he makes me feel better. He makes the busted pipes story sound way less of a nightmare. I should mention that he spent close to an hour today sitting under my house with a hair dryer trying to thaw my pipes. Not because I asked, but because he loves me. Meanwhile, my Mom tried to make my filthy kitchen with dirty dishes from NYE (gross yes, but no water. What can I do?) a little less overwhelming. I haven’t been able to do much about it because I can’t really leave the baby alone in the other room while I go freeze in the kitchen. Parents are supposed to help you see the bigger picture. They’re supposed to be soothing. I hope DH and I will be those kind of parents to Tru. My parents are awesome. DH’s parents are awesome. We’ve had good (not perfect, but definitely good) role models.
       Then I prayed. Because God cares. Even more than my parents. God knows that bad things will happen to good people. (The rain falls on the just as well as the unjust. It says that in the Bible although I don’t have the reference right now.) And God is not in “it”, the thing making you cry. But God can be in “you”, the one crying. I heard that from a very wise woman once. She wasn’t talking just to me, but what she said touched me.
       As tempting as it is to cry about the winter blues we’re having, I don’t have water to wash the tears and boogies off my face so I had better not. Instead, I will just snuggle my very very stinky husband on our mattress in the warm family room, and pretend to get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and one day closer to water, warm weather, clean dishes and a SHOWER!!!
      Goodnight. 🙂