Truett learned his name this week! He may have known it before but now he definitely does. He turns his head to look at DH when he says his name. Its so precious! I love him so much!

       I can’t believe he doesn’t giggle more yet. I guess we aren’t too funny over here… I do get a tiny laugh out of him every once in awhile but then nothing for another few days.
       We had a pretty good New Years Eve. We had my parents and most of my siblings over for good food and a movie. We watched “Epic”. After they headed home I got bored so I packed up the baby and he and I went to my parents house and we watched Christmas in Connecticut which is an old classic. Call me an old fart but I really love to watch a good old classic now and then. Truett stayed up until 11:40 p.m. And he was happy the whole evening! I couldn’t believe it! He got up to nurse sometime in the night and again at 7:30 a.m. Then he slept until almost noon when I started to get worried and finally woke him. I’m not used to him sleeping so long in the morning. He still ended up sleeping all day and I had to wake him to nurse. He was really exhausted. Its a lot of excitement for a little dude like him!

     On the nursing front… first off thank you all so very very very much for the helpful suggestions! I was getting really worried and we had quite a time of it over here! I was praying I wouldn’t lose my milk. So nerve wracking! Tru had only 3 wet diapers in 1 day then no poopy for 4 days but on the 5th day it was like a pumpkin had exploded in his diaper! So that might have just been constipation. DH said I should post the picture. Yes. I took one. Its pretty insane. You can tell we are proud new parents. Snapping pics of our baby’s poop covered butt. I digress…. I followed much of the advice you ladies gave me. I started pumping about every 2 hours and after feedings for 2 days. By the third day my supply was up enough to cut back to 4 pumping sessions a day. I’m back down to 2-3 now. I’m also drinking alot of water and taking alfalfa and I picked up some fenugreek and started taking it. I think my supply really suffered from a) overdoing it, and b) hormone changes with ovulation, and c) being super busy with Christmas and not getting to nurse like we usually do. Tru gets distracted I think when there’s a lot going on around him while he’s eating. It seems pretty consistent with what I read online for the milk supply to drop from ovulation until the start of the next cycle. I’m probably going to have to pump a bit extra to keep up my milk production with all these new hormone changes now. I just really do not want to lose my milk. I worked so hard to get this far with breastfeeding and it has not been easy. I would really hate to have to stop now.
      I hope this new year brings blessings for all of you dear readers! I truly love following along on each of your journeys. Please know that I really do read almost every post that appears in my reader. Sometimes a few get away from me because I follow so many blogs and if I go even one day without reading I get too far behind to catch back up! I know I am a lousy commenter most of the time but you are always in my thoughts and I wish you all well in 2014!
     Dear God, thank You for the blessings that 2013 gave me. Especially Truett. I pray that You will fill this year with blessings for us and our friends and family. In Jesus’ name, amen.