I almost missed this week! I got so busy and forgot what day we were on. We had a wonderful Christmas. The first truly merry Christmas we’ve had in years. I’m sure you can guess why. Last Christmas Eve, I took my first Lupron shot for IVF number 2. I had debated all day on whether I should take it. I was trying to decide which RE to go with and the one was ready to start treatment but the other one (the one I ended up using the second time) I hadn’t even met yet. I had an appointment scheduled though and he managed to use the cycle I had started with my previous RE. I’m so glad I took that shot agaist the advice of everyone telling me to wait for spring. DH found out I took it and I think he was suprised. But I was ready to move on and try again. Its amazing how God orchestrated that. You just never know what the future holds and how things will turn out.
       The baby got way too much for Christmas but its all good because its things he needs. He got clothes of course which he was growing out of practically everything he had. I got him 3 sleepers and a play mat at Once Upon A Child which is a used children’s clothes and toys store. I also got him an ornament. His grandpa got him an ornament and so did his great grandma. He also got diapers! Yay!! And a few toys including a child’s touchscreen phone. Yes. Its seriously touchscreen. Starting kids young on technology appearently. Crazy!
image Hand me down wubbanub. We changed the binky on it. Tru seems to like holding onto the dog. Sometimes he pulls it out of his mouth. I think its ridiculously cute!

      Truett had an ultrasound on his hips this week to make sure they are not out of place ect, and they are perfect so that’s good news.
image I have to wear a widdle baby wristband and get an ultrasound on my widdle baby hips. I frowns but I good!

He also got his picture made at JC Penny. We went to 3 parties and a play. By Christmas day, we were all frazzeled from being up early and gone late for 4 days. Tru had a pretty grouchy Christmas. Poor guy. He was sick of being passed around and people coughing on him, spitting on him, kissing him, and talking to him like he’s deaf. He was also tired of flashing cameras. And I was done with it too. Ready to get my baby back and give him a good bath. I understand people wanting to hold him, and I don’t mind his aunts, uncles and grandparents holding and kissing him some but really… people need to understand, if they are sick, back off!!! He’s just a baby. He can’t handle your awful cold that makes you cough up your lungs!! And DH and I are usually pretty quiet people. We aren’t really super loud-in-your-face, over excited, jumping up and down to get Tru’s attention. Some babies like that. Tru is not one of them. And one more thing…. please don’t wait until he’s having an inconsolable meltdown to give him back to me. Thanks!
        Ok. Had to get that rant off my chest on here. After 3 parties, I was getting a little frustrated.
       Tru is wearing 3-6 months clothing now. Some of his outfits (Carter’s) are size 6 months and he fits them great. He’s only just about 3 months! I’ve packed up a lot of clothes. I can’t bring myself to get rid of anything yet. Hopefully, I have another baby someday to wear at least some of it. He has quite a few unisex clothes. Especially onesies. I think he’s about 15 pounds now. Maybe a bit less. I’m so happy with his weight gain and nice chubby cheeks. My dad calls him chubsters. Sometimes I call him piggy sqig but since I longed for a little Tru for so many years (and it still feels surreal that I have him) I try to stick to his name mostly.
image I made these cookies for one of the parties. I saw the idea in a Parents. Magazine.

       I am boring myself. I wish I was a better blogger. Ok, not really. Well kind of. I don’t know. Anyways, I’m a good reader, ok commenter sometimes,and boring blogger. At least I get it half right.
       Dear God, thank You for our wonderful Christmas this year. Please keep Tru and me and DH all healthy and safe this winter. Thank You for all of our many blessings this year and always. In Jesus’ name, amen.