…and by God.
      When people get this card this year from us, some of them will have almost no idea what all we went through to get to have one of these cute little family photo cards. I never did one before this year. I’m very open about out IF struggle. Just a lot of people don’t know the whole story. They will just see a young couple and their adorable baby. (He is adorable!!! Right? ;)) And that’s probably as far as their thoughts will go. They won’t see 5&1/2 years waiting, crying and praying, 6 clinics including 3 ob/gyns, 1 urologist, and 6 RE’s. 2 surgeries, 2 iuis, 2 ivfs and hundreds of shots, pills and hormones. They will just see a very normal looking family. I guess that’s what we always wanted. And yet, I don’t feel normal. Not at all. I’m not sure what I feel. Surreal comes to mind. In disbelief and infinitely grateful. Scarred by the experience but thankful for it. I see motherhood in a way that I know I personally wouldn’t have. I think I just would have taken it for granted. Now I value motherhood at a very very high price. Every moment is a precious gift and a miracle. Every little fussy cry or dirty diaper, a privilege to tend to. All brought to us by God, blood, sweat and tears.