Wow! Another week has slipped by us. Where does the time go? I feel like life is just flying by. It goes faster every year, I swear.

     Tru has been smiling so much this week. He has learned his first word. (Ok, I know its not like he actually knows he’s saying a word or anything. I’m not that delusional.) He says “goo” when he is happy and trying to get his happy out. He also has laughed a few times. Its crazy. A few weeks ago, he slept 22 hours a day. He even ate in his sleep. Now he’s awake almost all day. Smiling, laughing and saying “goo”. Its too adorable!
     Tru is now wearing 3-6mo clothes. He’s almost doubled his birth weight at 12lbs 10oz.  He’s

not so little anymore. I must make really high calorie milk. Which is weird to me because I have a really low calorie diet right now since I never have time to eat. This guy keeps me busy! I don’t know how twin moms do it. Not to mention high order multiples! Its a lot of work but the most rewarding job I can imagine.

      Getting ready for Christmas is a work in progress but its far from complete. I think this year I may end up rushing around at the last minute. I did a little more shopping today but its far from done. We have decided if DH’s family is on board, we want to just draw names next year and buy for one person. It’s too expensive and I hate getting people useless crap they don’t need/want. We already draw names for my family and have for years and its tons better. Not to sound like scrooge but I’m poor! Well, not poor but.. you know.
      I had plans for an awesomer post but that was this morning. After fighting the pre-snow shopping mob today, I’m ready to hit some major hay. (Go to bed.) So another awesome post is reduced to boring rubish. Again. Suprise!! Not.
      Dear God, please watch over all our friends and loved ones during this time of year and always. Keep them safe on the roads and out of harms way. In Jesus’ name, amen.