Happy Thanksgiving!! I thought I would try to type up a quick update today while we travel. On the way to DH’s grandma’s house for some good eatin’ and family time.
      So much to be thankful for this year. Last year, I spent thanksgiving having 4 gorgeous embabies transfered and then laying on the couch all day. That was a very special thanksgiving day because it was the first time I was officially “pregnant”. This thanksgiving is even better though because, even though we suffered immense heartbreak in the last year with ivf #1 failing and finding out that 2 of our little ones stopped growing during my pregnancy from ivf #2, this year we have Tru. And he is my little dream come Tru! Thank you God! 🙂
      This week we did lots of little baby smiles and even attempted a coo a few times. That still needs more work. Tru tried to sleep through the night once but I woke him to nurse because I was leaking everywhere and honestly, I wasn’t quite ready for going all night without holding him and making sure he was alright. 😉
      I’m sorry, typing this is making me carsick so I’ll have to go. I hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving.

      Dear God, thank You for the blessings that You have given me. Most importantly, salvation. Thank You for my family and friends. Please bless those who are hurting this thanksgiving, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In Jesus’ name, amen.