Soon I should probably stop titling my post -weeks -days…. sigh. The little guy did alot of eating and growing this week. With the occasional pooping and peeing of course. Man, this baby is so good!! He seriously only crys if he is in pain or hungry. Unfourtunately, he is in pain quite a bit. He has the absolute worst gas. He can rip ’em!! Let me tell ya… he sounds like a full grown man farting and it hurts his tummy. I’m planning to ask the pediatrician about that at his appointment this week. Remember how I said he grunts alot? Well it’s so much that he has given himself a hernia. Yep, pretty sad about that. I don’t know how that works for a little baby his age. Will it heal up on it’s own? Is my little dude going to need surgery? I feel terrible for him grunting so much. He isn’t constipated, it’s just something he does. I read that babies of mom’s who have overactive letdowns while nursing often suffer from too much gas but I dont know if that’s the cause of all the grunting. Most of the time nothing comes out. He just sticks his legs out straight in the air and pops his belly button out. 😦

      Aside from all that good stuff…. we had Truett dedicated to the Lord at church today. This is not the same as christening, (we are not catholic actually) this is promising that we will do our best to raise him right, in church, praying and reading the Bible with him, teaching his about God ect. It is up to Truett to choose to follow the Lord when he grows up, but it’s our responsibility as his parents to do our best to raise him right. Our church family knows about our struggle to have this baby. Most of them know that we did IVF and they helped us by praying and being as supportive as they knew how during the whole process. Alot of times they said the wrong things.  “relax and it will happen”, “all in good time”, “you can always adopt”, and you all know the rest. But I always knew that their hearts were in the right place even though it hurt to hear those things time and again. I always knew that they loved us and cared deeply and that meant alot to me. But nothing meant more to me than knowing that they were praying for us. Some of them were praying ever day. I love my church family. I really, really do.

         Truett has made mommy so happy by switching in the last 4 nights from waking up 4-5 times at night to nurse (and it taking about an hour each time since I was pumping after every feeding) to waking up just 2-3 times a night. What a difference that makes for me being able to sleep!! I got a 4 hour stretch the other night. That’s the longest stretch I’ve had in the last 5 weeks! I feel so much better able to take care of him during the day when I manage to get in a little sleep. Even though he’s been wanting to stay up at his 3am feeding for 2 and a half hours, it’s easier to get up for 1 long stretch that over and over. Either way, he’s just great. Such a good baby.

       I have worked myself down to just 4 pumping sessions a day. This is down from 8-12. It feels alot better, however, I am dealing with some engorgement. Actually, I’ve pretty much been engorged since the beginning. I had 1 week where I wasn’t and then I have been ever since. That’s why weaning from the pump is taking so long. Even pumping less often and for less time is a slow process because I can only cut back my sessions by pumping 1 hour later every few days and for 1-2 mins less every few days. The other night I nursed the baby and still pumped out 9 ounces!! My usual after feeding 15 min pumping session was yeilding about 5-7 ounces. I’ve cut that back to 3-5 ounces. Baby steps. One the positive note, my freezer is FULL of breastmilk to the point that we are having to buy a deep freezer. I’m on the look out for one right now. I actually was pumping and dumping for about a week while on antibiotics so I threw out well over a hundred ounces.

I can’t believe it was already a year ago this month that we had our first ivf! Time flys!!

        Thank You God for blessing me with the responsibility of raising Truett and I ask that You will help me and his daddy to do the very best job that we know how and I pray that Truett will grow up knowing You and loving You. Please protect him and bless our little family. Please bless those struggling through infertility. I will never forget the struggle we faced and I thank You for this little miracle baby that you gave us. In Jesus name, amen.