I can’t believe my little guy is 4 weeks old already. This is going by wayyyy to fast! Yesterday we went to an appointment and had his weight checked. Not like I was worried about that! My “low birth weight” baby has been getting fatter as the minutes pass. He’s up to 9.3!! Yeah, my boob milk is high calorie appearently.
    Speaking of my boobs… I had them checked by the lactation nurse yesterday to see how she felt about the mastitis/nipple thrush. Oh, I didn’t tell you about my mastitis? Its been lovely! I’ve had it for 2 weeks now. I’m on a medicine to clear it up but its been taking its sweet time to work. But on the bright side, the temperature in the boobs has dropped from 1,000° to maybe 200° so that’s progress right? But for every step forward it is imperative that you take two steps back. That’s why I developed nipple thrush from the antibiotics. Ya know… just for the heck of it. Thankfully, I have continued to breastfeed fatso this whole time. The nurse practitioner I saw really wanted me to stop and just pump and dump while on the antibiotic (for 10 days!!!) but the pharmacist said it was fine to keep breastfeeding. I checked every website that has information on safety of antibiotics while breastfeeding and they all said that Clindamyacin is most likely ok to use while breastfeeding. But I did supplement a few times with milk I had pumped from before the antibiotic so that Tru was getting a little less of it in his system. He’s also started on acidophilus. I’m so glad we didn’t have to take a 10 day hiatus. That would break my heart but I would have done it if really necessary. Mastitis is horrible!!! And so is nipple thrush!
        We do more than breastfeed though – although that’s every 2-3 hours around the clock so it almost feels like all we do. Truett smiled at me for the first time last night. To be fair, he smiled 2 times at my sister at 3 weeks 3 days. But we aren’t counting that! Ha! He also is really having a bad time with gas. Nothing helps. Except letting him sleep on his tummy which nowadays you’re not supposed to do. So I only let him during the day. But its so tempting at night. He grunts all night. To the point that he’s getting an umbilical hernia. I swear it wasn’t there and he plum just grunted it out. He’s not constipated. Its just gas. My mom watched him the other morning and said he grunted 3 hours straight. That’s nothing! He grunts the entire night!!
       Tru did miss a feeding last night. He didn’t sleep through it. We were awake. Very. Awake. At 2 am. He just didn’t want to eat. Too busy grunting. Anyways, he put 5 hours in between his feedings. That’s the longest he’s ever gone! And I got to sleep 3 hours straight. That’s the longest I’ve slept since his birth A MONTH AGO!  It was awesome. 🙂
        He’s outgrowing his newborn clothes. Not in length because he hasn’t grown any longer yet. But he’s getting too chunky for them. Its bittersweet. His newborn outfits are way cuter than his 0-3mo outfits. We’ve also had to clip his nails 3 times already. This boy has claws!
       Lastnight me and daddy (DH) gave Tru a bath and he actually fell asleep with daddy holding his head while I washed his body. So cute!! I think he felt all womb-like. I miss being pregnant, but I love this too!
       I feel like there is more I should add because this time is flying by and I know in my sleep deprived state I won’t remember everything later. This blog was my pregnancy journal and is becoming a baby book. I hope to look back on this someday as the best time of my life and remember it through these entries. Thank you for reading.
       Dear God, thank You for this beautiful, precious boy. I love him so much. Please continue to heal me so I can breastfeed Tru easily and without so much discomfort. Thank You that I’ve been able to breastfeed him this long. I pray that he will get all the good nutrition he needs from my milk for now and that nothing harmful will come through it. In Jesus name, amen.