Wow! I can’t believe my baby is already over 2 weeks old! Its been a fun, tired, booby filled, precious moments time. I can’t describe the joy being a mommy has brought me except that it is almost exactly as I thought it would be and it feels 100% right and like I’ve always been meant to be Truett’s mommy. I will never be able to forget the 5 years it took to get him and the trials, tears, prayers, pain, heartache, conflict and hope that we endured to get here. It was worth it. Truett is worth every teary, hopeless moment. I wouldn’t change the journey that brought us to him although there are lots of parts I would just as soon forget. Especially the hopeless, gut-wrenching crying sessions. And the depression. There is a reason we went through infertility. I will probably never know why on this earth. I’m just glad God gave us the strength to keep trying until we got our baby boy.
We’ve been working on growing this boy into the job of breastfeeding. He actually did quite well at first. The 2 weeks were excellent in terms of him learning to latch on and sucking for a good 10-15 minutes. But the last several days he has really been regressing. He wants to nurse about 5 minutes and get the first let-down, then be done. If I change his diaper, sometimes he will go a bit longer but this is getting ridiculous. Its annoying to me that I HAVE to pump after every feeding because its hurting my milk supply for him not to drain the breast at every feeding. Also, at some feedings I’m having to give him the expressed milk either by dropper or, because that takes forever, sometimes the bottle. I dont understand the reason he won’t continue nursing when he did so fantastic in the beginning and the lactation consultant at the hospital was so impressed at how well he did. Any tips? I could really use some help dear readers!! I’ve never dealt with anything like this and I’m absolutely determined to get past this somehow, but so worried I will lose my milk in the process. Its absurd that I should have to worry about this. My milk came in on day 2 and I had seriously enough milk for triplets easily. I HAD to pump for relief and just pumping to get enough milk out to get comfortable left me with 100oz of breast milk in the freezer. So you can see how frustrating it is to be experiencing a serious drop in production now and being forced to pump just to keep enough milk in for his feedings. At least, I hope its enough. Also, I now have a breast infection which is hard. I was so worried something would come up and I wouldn’t get to breastfeed and I’m feeling very anxious now. I want this so much for my boy.
My little guy still hiccups on the same schedule he kept in utero which I find fascinating. He positively hates having the hiccups but its so cute! Other little habits he has include projectile pooping, (he got my entire body today including my face), appearent inability to work up a good cry, (he’s much to easy-going for that), laughing in his sleep, (like daddy. Soon he will probably say I’m fat in his sleep.), rolling onto his sides, (everyone tells me he’s too young to do this. He’s been doing it since birth. Even in the hospital I would lay him down on his back and within minutes he would be on one of his sides all snuggled up. I worried the nurses would think I was doing it.) , he looks around the room when he hears daddy talking, he has only spit up about 5 times in his whole life. I’ve only actually witnessed 1 real spit up and it was about a half teaspoon. He’s like mommy I guess and hates to barf.
So, as you can tell, he’s pretty awesome. We think he’s just perfect. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Obviously. Duh!
I’m almost done with my lovenox. Just a little over 3 weeks to go! I was thinking the other day, my shot totals for the ivf and pregnancy probably run somewhere around 700. I’m pretty brave I guess lol. Hey, he’s worth it! My csec cut looks great. The dr did a good job. It looks way too small to pull a whole baby out of. Its still swollen a bit and sore and I keep pulling it wrong and it feels like I’m ripping it open, but all in all, its not nearly as awful as I thought it would be. My engorged boobies hurt a lot worse than my incision!
So, tips on keeping my milk in, getting baby to actively suck for more than 5 minutes (nothing bothers this kid. Not even cold rags), breast infection home remedies…. I’ll take any advice you have to offer please!
Thanks in advance.
God, please help little Tru to nurse efficiently and to get all the milk he needs. Help my body to continue providing him the nourishment he needs. Please watch over Tru and keep him healthy and strong. In Jesus’ name, amen