I’ll start by giving you fair warning. This is probably going to be a bit long as I hope to relate our baby’s birth in as great of detail as I can since this is probably the only time I will write it down and I want to remember everything.
      Friday morning I woke up to go to my nst at 10:45am. I’m about 1 and a half hours from hospital A where I was doing all my twice weekly monitoring because its closer than hospital B where my MFMs are and where I would be delivering. I got up at about 8:15am and got ready. Baby wasn’t moving much. I had been having a hard time sleeping because I was so worried about him. He was barely passing his kick counts. He used to do 10 moves in 7 to 25 minutes but now he was taking all of 2 hours and just about to fail when I would finally get my 10th very wimpy movement. I was having to really consentrate to get the kick counts done and this had been going on since Monday. Of course on Tuesday at my nst we had seen that my contractions where making his heartrate drop quite low even though he managed to pass the rest of his nst. I just wanted him out. I was worried since. I tried to do kick counts on the way to my monitoring Friday morning because I wasn’t feeling him move all morning. I don’t think he quite passed. I was just so glad to get to the hospital. On my way out the door I looked at our hospital bags and thought about taking them but decided that would be unnecessary. Afterall, I wasnt planning on having a baby that day. Something told me to grab the camera though as it was hanging from the door knob. So I did. On my way to the hospital I realised that I had not taken my heparin shot that morning. I’ve been taking my shots of this drug or that since January and that was the first shot I missed ever. That was a God thing!! I prayed over and over that if my baby needed out that God would help us know so we could get him out on time.
      At the hospital on the monitor, Truett’s heartbeat kept dropping when he would move. It scared me so bad. The nurse asked if it had done that Tuesday and I told her that it had when I was having contractions and that it was scaring me. She left the room to keep an eye on things. I could tell she didn’t like it but he had started to move and had a good acceleration so she took us off the monitor. I was very nearly crying. I knew he needed out. My favorite ultrasound tech came in for our weekly fluid check and I told her I wanted this baby out because I was worried sick about him not moving enough and not feeling right. She did my ultrasound and showed a lot of concern that she wasn’t finding enough fluid. I think she saw fluid only in 2 quadrants even though she looked and looked and finally found a tiny little spot up by the mass of cord at his head. The tech who had measured his fluid at 12cm the week before had appearently measured the cord as a fluid pocket. I knew she did! I was more than a bit upset. Anyway, this tech found it to be at 6.7 I believe. She took these results along with my nst strip and pictures of my very old looking placenta to the dr. A few minutes later they both came back and the dr said “go ahead and head on over to (hospital B). I think you need to be delivered today!” She then asked when I had last eaten and said my csection would probably be around 3 or a bit after since they needed to wait for my stomach to empty. The tech said not to rush over too quickly as she didn’t want me to speed through traffic but to definitely get there as soon as I safely could. I told her my in-laws would stop at my house to get our bags. I then hugged the tech while trying so hard not to cry. I was a shaky, emotional mess. She said to send baby pictures and I left to head to the hospital. I stopped at the bathroom on the way out and called DH. I broke down crying and could barely get out the words “get over to (hospital B). We’re having a baby today.” He said ok and all I could manage was a teary “Bye.” I then called my parents to let them know and called my sister. I was so shook up I missed my exit and had to turn around. I finally got to the hospital about 40 minutes later and me and DH went up to triage. They took us to a L&D room and hooked me up to fluids and put the baby on the monitor. They flushed 2 bags of fluids through me in a very short time. It made me freezing cold and shaky. The baby’s heartbeat dropped when I had a very long, hard contraction and this time it stayed down. I started to lose it to DH who tried to calm me down. He didn’t really get what was happening at first. He was reading me the dropping numbers. When it hit the 70s I was about to fall apart. 2 Drs and a nurse ran in the room and got me on my side. His heartbeat went up a bit but I was still freaking out. The anesthesiologist came in and I told him I was worried about bleeding to death and worried about the spinal. He said they were checking my blood to make sure my numbers were ok for the spinal. It was taking awhile and everyone was getting tense. The Dr who would be performing the csection came in and said she could have the baby out in 40 seconds once we were in the operating room if his heartbeat dropped again and that regardless of if my blood work came back or not, if it dropped again we were going from urgent to emergent and she was getting that baby out. (They would just put me out if that happened) The nurse started washing my belly. I kept asking if they would put the baby on my chest at the delivery and they kept saying no. The nurse finally said something about me realising I was having an urgent csection. They said it wasn’t possible and I finally gave up. In hindsight it wouldn’t have worked anyway. Thank God my blood came back good just a few minutes later and they took me back. Everyone was just saying how good it was I had missed my heparin that morning.
       Before I knew what was happening they had my spinal in. I felt my behind and legs get warm and start to tingle as they went to sleep so to speak. They gave me a cocktail in my IV and I felt really weird. I felt my baby kick for the last time in my belly. The nurse put in a catheter and began prepping me. The dr came in and I felt so strange. I vaugly remember flinging my arms out and nurses grabbing them and holding my hands. At some point they strapped them down and I looked over and saw that it was now DH holding my hand. I remember so little after that. The anesthesiologist said my blood pressure dropped vety low and he gave me something to calm me down. I nearly cried. I did not want that drug. I knew that drug too well and knew I would forget everything after that. Thank God I stuck with it even if just a little but the rest of the day is choppy and blurry and I only remember a few things mostly things we have pictures of. I do remember feeling a tugging in my ribs as they pulled my baby out. They held him above the curtain for a split second. He was so beautiful. The dr said he was sleeping. I knew she was trying not to scare me. They got him in the little bed and he started screaming! It was the very most beautiful sound I ever heard! I was crying so hard. DH was standing there snapping pictures and I kept telling him over and over to take pictures. I was so mad that I couldn’t wipe my eyes because I could barely see but I was also going cross eyed from the drugs. That continued all the rest of the day and made me very upset that I couldn’t really focus on the baby’s face when I tried to see him. DH came over and told me the baby looked just like my brother. He was so smitten. The dr offered to let me see the placenta but we forgot to do that before we were moved.
       It seemed like no time before I was all sewed up and moved to recovery. I don’t remember who handed me the baby or when and I don’t remember holding him for the first time. I kind of remember a nurse trying to latch him on to nurse and I wasn’t much help. DH held him a bit and I took pictures. I know this because I found the pictures I took lol.
      Eventually we were moved to our room for the next 3 days. My in-laws and DH’s sister and her little girl came to see us. I don’t know how long they were there or anything but we all agreed the baby looked like me and my baby brother and a bit like my dad.
      Truett slept well that night getting up every 3 hours to nurse. He wasn’t really sucking. It was as if he had no idea how to suck at all. The nurses helped so much. Finally he figured it out. The nurses were above and beyond amazing. I had the best nurses the whole time I was there. They took awesome care of me and the baby. Obviously, they love their job. The talk of the town was appearently how much urine I was putting out. About 5,000cc every hour I think. One nurse came in and said I might not realize it but that was big exciting news around there. The next day they got me out of bed and I was moving around like nothing ever happened. They said I was the star csection patient on the floor. Everyone was telling me to stay ahead of the pain and take percoset before the pain got out of hand. By God’s grace, I really didn’t have any pain to speak of. I took my motrin and that was it. Nothing else. I was afraid I would be too drugged up to wake up and feed my baby boy and I sure didn’t want to miss any more of his first hours and days of life!!
      Truett was circumsised 2 days after his birth. I wanted to give him a chance to recover from the birth and a chance to establish our breastfeeding – that’s a boobalishious story for another day. I wish I could write about his first week now but the shower calls. Incidentally, yesterday was the date our csection was scheduled for and tomorrow he is 2 weeks old already! Time flys!
Dear God, thank You for Truett. Thank You for hearing my prayers and getting him delivered safely before anything bad could happen to him in there. Thank You for protecting Tru those 9 months and I ask that You will continue to bless, guard and protect him all throughout his life. In Jesus name, amen