Well, we definitely made it to full term. Honestly, I didn’t really think that would happen many times throughout my pregnancy. I’m not sure why. I guess because it was always one weird thing after another. But here we are! And I’m really starting to get antsy for this boy to GET OUT!!! Its not that I’m so done being pregnant… I’m just done being pregnant with him. My right hip is now giving me a lot of trouble in the pain department and getting up and down and especially trying to get out of bed is very painful. Walking isn’t easy either and my waddle is getting very pronounced again. I can’t help it! Its just all the pain. Otherwise though, I could continue for quite a bit longer. As long as I forego the urge to breathe or eat more than a few bites at a time. I’m definitely losing my appetite now and have to remind myself to eat. I have plenty of fat stored up though! I’ve gained about 38 pounds or so. I haven’t gained anything in the last 3 weeks (or at least I hadn’t last time I weighed myself) and may have even lost a pound or 2. But baby boy is still gaining!! You can take my word for it! He’s getting heavy in there, but since he’s breech I’m not feeling too much pelvic pressure. I think he has started to drop though. Definitely looking lower. I’ve been bouncing on the yoga ball a little. Nothing too exciting. Went for a walk which I paid dearly for later in hip pain, and I’ve told him he can come out now because he’s full term but he’s not budged a bit. In all seriousness though, I think he wants out too. He’s got to be miserable in there folded in half. His movement feels weird and constricted. Which makes me glad we have a checkup and ultrasound/nst tomorrow so we can make sure his swimming pool isnt drying up too much. Its probably just my annoying body that won’t cooperate and let him out. For 9 months I felt threatened by it, fearing my boy would be here to soon. But now my body is just chillin. Which could be a good thing/bad thing.  At my last nst Truett’s heartbeat would drop dramatically even during minor contractions that I couldn’t feel. I was worried and the nurse looked concerned so she asked the dr if she should let me go home because the rest of his nst was good but the dips were low. (I think around 80bpm or less) The dr said it was fine because he recovered and I could go. I wasn’t wanting to though. I have contractions way harder than that sometimes and it makes me worried that he could be getting distressed in there when I do. I feel like he needs out now while everything is still good. Why wait? Well, we want to be sure his lungs are good. I think they are because I feel him practice breathing in there. Its a weird feeling! Like he’s literally sitting in there breathing! Its so odd.
       My switch to heparin wasn’t a good as I hoped. The shot is alot less painful during the injection, but it does burn a bit afterwards. Not as much as lovenox though. But it bruises me terribly. I’ve got my belly plastered in bruises and the top of my thighs as well as my “love handles”. The worst part is that the injection sites swell like bee stings and itch. I’m not sure if that’s a normal reaction or not but I plan to ask the dr tomorrow. Not that there is anything they can do really. We just need to get the boy out! Lol. I feel bad for wanting to evict him after working so hard to get him in there and keep him in there but now I think I’m ready to have him in my arms. I will certainly miss being pregnant but, its time. The old saying “leave while you’re still having fun” comes to mind. At this point I think DH would have me hold baby in there awhile longer though. At first he was so ready but now he’s nervous. I get it but I don’t. Its not like we haven’t had 9 months to prepare. And lets face it, this pregnancy has been easy but at the same time hard. We had our positive beta at 3 weeks some odd days. So we knew long before most women find out and that just makes it all seem longer.
        I’ve finally gotten a few more meals froze. Nothing fancy. Potato soup, chilli, vegetable soup, lasagna, enchilladas… stuff that either has milk in it or makes you fart. Breastfeeding might get interesting on that diet. At least DH won’t starve.
      Speaking of DH… lastnight as I was struggling to heave myself out of bed, he-who-speaks-in-his-sleep-nightly about random things, said quite plainly: “can you handle all that?” I asked him: “all that what?” (I always answer him in his sleep. He says hillarious stuff usually and as long as I keep asking him questions he keeps answering.) He said: “all that weight!” In my most hurt and offened voice I replied: “yes, I can. Thankyouverymuch!!!” And with that I waddled away wondering how mean it would be to wake him up with a not so nice nudge. Don’t worry. I didn’t wake him. But he’s never going to hear the end of how his sleep talking finally got him in trouble. It was bound to happen eventually. I mean, I can handle him telling me how Chet Atkins wife is the luckiest women in the world (because she’s married to Chet and my husband is obsessed with guitar. He’s loves to play music and he loves Chet’s style) and I can handle all the little stories he tells me in his sleep about the guys at work. I can handle him sitting up in bed in the middle of the night laughing in his sleep, but calling me fat? I don’t think so!!
       I’ve got to accomplish something today besides sitting here so until next time…
     Dear God, thank You for all our many blessings. Thank You for this baby and I pray that he will be born at just the right time according to Your will and that we will both do very well throughout the birth and all events leading up to it. Please continue to protect him. In Jesus name, amen.