I know you’re all holding your breath for an update. Ya poor things! You’re probably turning purple by now… go ahead breathe.
    Ok, I had an ultrasound and nst today. Baby measures 6lbs 7oz. In the 50th percentile. He’s so cute! He was blinking his eyes and sucking his fist. It was too adorable. His cheeks are so chubby! His feet are literally right in his face. As in, he probably pokes his eyes with his toes. It looks ridiculously uncomfortable but, whatever he likes I guess. His amniotic fluid measured at 12. Twelve centimeters people!!! How did it go up 4cm in a week after dropping 3cm in 2 weeks? The only thing I’ve done different is rest more. I’m drinking the same. And of course, I always pray. Anyway that’s awesome! So great. My placenta is definitely looking old, but the tech said she actually thinks it will make it to 39 weeks. She said “I’ve seen worse looking placentas in smokers. And you actually have a reason why yours should look bad.” (Blood clotting issues) She gave it a grade 2, not quite grade 3. So that’s all dandy. The hospital called and set our c section date. I’m not going to post it on here for privacy reasons. I actually got a bit upset and cried on the phone to DH because a Dr I’m not real comfortable with is scheduled to do it. Its kind of odd. They called and told me the date, time and Dr and never so much as asked if that was ok. I guess its something I don’t get to choose. I hate that! A gigantic part of me (and I’m getting more gigantic by the day), is secretly hoping I go into labor naturally before then so I can: A) be suprised – I find it weird to have a date and time for my baby’s birthday. Seems so unnatural. Ha! Unnatural! What’s new? And B) maybe end up with a Dr I like/trust more. And C) I’m starting to want this baby out! I mean, I will miss being pregnant. Probably even suffer PPD (postpardum depression) but also I am feeling ready to meet this kid. Very ready.
        At my checkup on tues I was 1cm dilated and I’m not sure how much effaced but quite a bit I believe. However, my cervix was still posterior and not totally soft. So, it basically means nothing I guess. Labor could be hours or years away. I also bled for 3 days and lost my plug. Yeah, that would be my 5th for those keeping count. Nobody? All the pregnancy books say that’s a sign labor could be hours or “up to 2 weeks away.” Correction pregnancy books! I went 19 weeks and counting since I lost my first plug. So it means nothing to me. All the awesome contractions I was having? Yep, you guessed it. Gone! Just minor irritability. In my uterus that is. I’m majorly irritable! My body loves messing with me. I’m thinking we should get some work done now because, I confess, I actually WANT to experience some labor. Its enough to have to have a csec. I just was hoping to feel a tad bit of normal or natural at some point.
       Man, I am way too whiny. People struggling with infertility probably hate me by now. I’m sorry I’m being so whiny girls. I really am.
       The tech who did the ultrasound today confided that she experienced 4 years of infertility and never concieved. There was no way she could afford IVF or IUI although she did try ovulation drugs. She asked God for a sign if she wasn’t meant to have kids. (She’s brave!) And boy, did she get it. I don’t want to go into details of her personal journey but she has accepted everything and moved on. (No, there won’t be a miracle conception. Sorry.) But how brave is she to work in a job where she takes care of pregnant women all. day. long. So strong of her!
       Well I’ve gotta run. Appearently DH told me we were going somewhere lastnight and I didn’t get the memo. Oops!

I never posted this and its been 2 days! Sorry.

Dear God, I ask that this baby will be born when, and how You want him to be born. I pray that he will be strong and healthy and that all will go well with the birth. I ask that whoever delivers him will do a very good job and that the birth will go very smoothly. Thank You for the blessing of making it this far in this pregnancy. In Jesus name, amen.

Just thought I’d grace you with a picture of my cankles. 😉

And 36 weeks 4 days picture.