Oh my! I’m so close to not getting anything posted for this week! I haven’t missed any weeks since the start of this thing and I don’t want to now!
     We had our 34 week checkup yesterday along with a NST. Both went well. I still have a yeast infection (3 weeks now) so I had to take Diflucan again which I was hoping to avoid but oh well. And the little guy is…… yep, you guessed it! Still breech. We tried swimming the other day to coax him to turn. It didn’t work but the water felt great! I may try to go again today simply because its roasting out and I want to.
      I still need to get the baby clothes washed. I started packing a bag. So far it has some bathroom odds and ends, my nightgown and DH’s underpants. As you can see, we are well prepared! 😉 I did have some contractions during the NST yesterday and more after coming home. They are becoming more uncomfortable lately especially in my pelvis. The dr did a cervical check just to be safe but there’s no dilation yet. I can tell that my body is preparing though. Things just feel different.
     My hip is about 98% better and I’m sooo happy about that. I have God to thank for that as going to the dr wasn’t really helping and once people started praying it got better very rapidly. Which is awesome! Everything was so difficult when I couldn’t get around.
     DH has been sick and I’m hoping I down get it! Fever, sore throat, runny nose. Poor thing. He’s been miserable but still went to work because he’s trying to save his vacation time and sick day for being with the baby. He could certainly use some get-well prayers too.
     My car isn’t running right AGAIN! So I have to drop it off at the shop today. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve had it up to here. *Points to ceiling* I’m done with that stupid car. I’m going to stop now…. you don’t need to hear about that. I’ll also spare you my broken phone woes. And my I’m-so-broke-I-can’t-buy-a-coke woes. But seriously. This is NOT A GOOD TIME FOR EVERYTHING TO BE BREAKING AND COSTING ME MONEY I DON’T HAVE! I’M TRYING TO HAVE A BABY! SO BACK OFF BREAKING-MONSTER!
    I have to go although I would love to write more. Dear God, thank You for bringing us to this point of pregnancy. I pray that You will safely lead us through whatever birth You have planned for this baby. I pray that it will be a very joyous experience. In Jesus name, amen.
I was going to grace you all with a lovely fat pic but since my phone is broken…..